It’s the only viable outcome and it’s something Indigenous First Nation Australians are always gonna fight for, no matter how long it takes. More broadly they promote mutual respect and understanding of different cultures. A voice to raise awareness of the main issue that still exists in Australia. Around that time they were touring a lot, in lots of different countries. It spent 22 weeks in the ARIA charts, peaking at number

yothu yindi world turning right

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Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’

I’ve been looking for you Searching for something new You keep my feet on the ground As you yotu my world turn around Keep sending me signals Dopn’t let me fall by the way And while the world Is turning right You show me the way To your heart ‘Cause when you call my name It’s like the world Is turning right World Turning Rawak Mix Yothu Yindi Artist Title You may need specific spelling of the name of the song and artist. A band with a vision”. This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat It fills me with a lot of hope.

Share Facebook Twitter Mail Whatsapp. Kelly and Dr Yunupingu reconvened in Sydney to finish the song, before visiting a mutual friend to get his thoughts on the song.


But that’s a very complex thing to make happen. Archived from the original on 4 June Archived from the original on 1 April But Tribal Voice producer Mark Moffatt gives some inside information about one less obvious difference between the two.

Yothu Yindi

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Another element, which for me is almost the next and most important step, is some form of settlement, acknowledgement, compact or call it treaty, that puts right the great wrong in modern Australian history.

yothu yindi world turning right

Retrieved 8 November It took multiple writing sessions in different parts of the country to land on the final result. The band travelled to Melbourne to make the record with producer Mark Moffatt. That’s what’s got to yofhu to finally put an end to this constant battle between black and white Australia. Listen to both versions of the song and the differences are pretty clear.

It’s inspirational, influential and, musically, it holds up as a first-class song. It was great,” Kelly says. We were close mates. I think the whole issue of republic and reconciliation will form what we turnign a treaty.

They’re the two records people ask about. Until there is an agreement, or a treaty, to state this fact, until the white colonial history books have been amended, Aboriginal people continue to be victims in a society that has consistently devalued and excluded them.

Yothu Yindi’s fifth album One Blood was released in and included “Treaty ’98”.


Yothu Yindi – World Turning – Ouvir Música

We’re still wanting to be recognised as land owners. It’s a shame, 25 years on from the song that says ‘ Treaty now ‘, that we’re still so far from that. The group helped established the Yothu Yindi Foundation in to promote Yolngu cultural development, including from producing the annual Garma Festival of Traditional Cultures and from May running the Righf Yolngunha Healing Place.

Retrieved 4 November The legacy of it is still an ongoing progression. Birrkuta — Wild Honey.

yothu yindi world turning right

Retrieved 22 January Rlght from the original on 12 November Come on show me the way There is no turning back It’s turning right Well it’s turning right It was also the first time I’d seen Aboriginal musicians on mainstream TV and in the charts. View related videos No view related videos.

The song’s popularity cannot be overstated.

yothu yindi world turning right

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