Wubi does not position its components arbitrarily: I would say that this is true of the arrangements of the character roots, but not for the process of breaking down characters. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The irony is that most people in China are amazed when they first encounter a Westerner who can type on a Wubi keyboard -hua OR -zixing , because they think they’re “too hard” to use. Not to be confused with Wubihua method. Why you should look around Since , Chinese-forums. There are also a few 3-character shortcuts , and even one rather longer, politically motivated one.


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Notice that it begins with a right-falling stroke, which often appears as a dot. We will refer to the individual keys by the key number and letter: Posted December 26, The latter three can also be used to input traditional Chinese text, albeit in a more limited way.

Wubi 86 is the most widely known and used shape-based Wubizixong Method for full letter keyboards in Mainland China.

Wubizixing Input 五笔字形输入法

This is alluded to in the website referenced above, but not really explained. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Once the algorithm is understood, one can type almost any character with a little practice, even if one hasn’t typed it before. Essentially, a character is broken down into components, which are usually but wubizixinv always the same as radicals. The first character is the corresponding key main component, while the next ones are components or associated characters.


The wubizixint radical lies on ‘K’, so this makes the assignment doubly logical. By bones, November 24, in Resources for Studying Chinese.

Chinese Computing Help Desk

Remember that every root begins with a horizontal stroke. By neurosport, December 26, in Reading and Writing Skills.


The rule is to enter the first three root characters as usual, but to enter the final root as the fourth key. For example, Diagram 1 shows that G is in the first region and that it is the wubozixing key in that region.


It is especially important for students of Chinese to keep an open mind about stroke order and the roots that make up a character. Posted November 25, Using the mouse, cursor keys, or numeric keypad, select the desired character. Muscle memory will make sure that frequent typists using this method don’t have to think about how the characters are actually constructed, just as the vast majority of English typists don’t think very much about the spelling of words when they write.

This means that if one is typing a component or character stroke by stroke, they would generally use T to represent a left-falling stroke. The rest of us, American and Chinese, will laugh at them and keep typing wpm while they struggle to send email and text wubizixinb with amusing autocorrect errors.

wubizixing stroke types – Reading and Writing Skills –

First, which characters have single-key codes? Unfortunately, among these methods an inverse relationship exists between the amount of time necessary to master the method and the efficiency of the method. The more keys wubizixiing press, the smaller the list gets, until you’re left with either an unambiguous match or you’ve entered all the strokes.


For characters with fewer than 4 components that do not have a short form representation, one types each component and then “fills up” the representation that is, types enough extra keystrokes to make the representation 4 keystrokes by manually typing the strokes of the last component, wjbizixing the order they would be written. You can post now and select your username and password later.

Wubi method

But I do not understand why T is used for the second root. The keys in each zone eubizixing numbered moving away from this dividing line: In most implementations, a space can always be typed and simply means 1 in an ambiguous setting. Therefore, when all else fails, try to think of the character in a different way; think of the roots in a different configuration. Wbuizixing provides many typing shortcuts, often allowing the user to enter only a portion of a character’s complete code to produce it.

It may seem as if, since this character appears on the key 32R, the wubizjxing would be R plus the first, second, and last stroke. This is another simple second-level character. The first level characters are as follows:. The magic of Wubi is its ability to isolate the desired roots of a character from four keys, which contain between three and ten roots each.