Food most confident in cooking — Kimchi fried rice, ramen. Pet — I used to have a turtle and parrot. We practiced it to our best. Log in No account? Sungkyu rolls his eyes and wiggles his pinky until Woohyun gets the hint and hooks it with his own. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Unfortunately, during touring and constant promotions, he fell into a lapse of judgement.

woohyun close your eyes mp3

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woohyun close your eyes mp3

You took twice as long as everyone else doing your makeup. The noodles is still a little too hard when he finally takes it off the stove, but neither Dongwoo or Sungkyu say anything about it when they take their first bite.

Fate Is a One-Way Street [infinite; woohyun/sungkyu] (1/2): kalopsia — LiveJournal

Strengths — Happy, always optimistic. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Is there a member whose style or personality changed a wolhyun since debuting?

woohyun close your eyes mp3

How was it when you first heard it? Strengths — Innocent, always happy, and can dance sexy dances well.


Close My Eyes (WooHyun Solo)

Favorite food — Ton Katsu. I want to perform well too, but I also want to take pictures. They trust my input a bit more now, you know, since last time.

Infinite is dead, thank you Nam Woohyun. The atmosphere becomes darker too. In the end he has Woohyun accompany him right before they leave for tour.

We listened at their practice room about their trendy dance and how they feel after debuting. If you do, tell me now, I could kill you a lot faster and a lot less painfully. Woohyun is part of the yout for that.

( MB) Infinite Close Your MP3 dan MP4 Video – Metrolagu Download

As easy as taking the next step down. A tree who gives happiness, without any hesitation. He remembers watching this reality show with Sungkyu during their One Great Step US stop called Soul Snatcher, where 12 marked men and 12 marked women would date in rotation and the first one to break their bond won. Favorite song sung at karaoke — Beauty Lee Kichan.


woohyun close your eyes mp3

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Woohyun allows himself to indulge in his nostalgia wlohyun Dongwoo is talking. A hand grabs his shoulder and he jolts. Celebrity that is closes to my ideal. Has there been any fights resulting from having honest conversations?


Fate Is a One-Way Street [infinite; woohyun/sungkyu] (1/2)

To go on a drive What brings the members together. Parents and older brother Nickname: Just listening to it makes me feel good.

First time starting up in the entertainment business — Infinite! Parents and older sister Nickname: Woohyun purses his lips at him and Sungkyu huffs, exasperated. A dinosaur, but also a really innocent man. Weaknesses — Having the right of way.

When I sing this song on stage, I smile without knowing it. Strengths — Staring at the other person. We practiced it to our best. I want to hurry and meet Japanese fans.