I am issuing the command! The data field contains the error number. This allows you to get a feel for what the system is doing over time, which is in turn useful for identifying the cause of performance issues where a particular operation appears to be processor bound and taking longer than you would like. This revealed something of value: But i can’t set breakpoint now. The idea is that the first time around, mdate will check the performance counter frequency for the current system.

windbg 6.7 5.0

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The next step was to set a break-point using the bp command on the Program. A collection of useful items to deal with windbg. On Vista RTM, two additional checks were added against nt! I decided to start windb with local kd, as that is sufficient for at least retrieving thread stacks and doing basic passive analysis of potential deadlock issues where the system is at least mostly still functional.

Depending on what you are trying to figure out when analyzing a program, simply looking at its file and registry activity can often save you hours of wading through disassembly or working with a wkndbg.

Posted on March 10, March 11, by Naveen 3. Want to crash a .50 host running Snow Leopard? DumpStack as the managed along with the unmanaged stack get’s listed in the ‘Calls’ Window. I am going to demonstrate the same thing using multiple versions of debugger. WriteLine and the color changed to red.

windbg 6.7 5.0

Fast multiplication or addition with the lea instruction is another fairly common optimization that one is likely to run into frequently. We could look for processes with an open handle to that file and check their stacks. To do that, we can use the following command line the output has been truncated only include information that we are interested in: ArbitraryUserPointer is the dll name string. M we see source information.


This requires the following options to be set via BCDEdit. QuadPart has overflowed here; considering the sign bit is set, it now holds a very large negative quantity. Given wndbg I had tentatively ruled out bad hardware, this would seem to be the most likely cause here.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The new behaiour is the same as. Looking at the same program, with FPO optimizations enabled and symbols not loaded, we get somewhat of a mess wjndbg we ask for a call stack: All of the symbols in the ntoskrnl or ntdll PDBs should be used by the debugger engine itself, or some debugger extension, somewhere.

Add support in symsrv for getting file pointers from an http store and using them as is without caching them to the default downstream store. If we recompile the program, disable FPO optimizations, and insert a call to printstack inside the f3 function, the console output is something like so:. A username and password combination not matching the defaults did result in a logon failure error message, so something besides a credential failure was up. Createthen comes the Breakpoint 3 hit.

Windbg’s integrated managed debugging – an accidental feature?

While the end result might be equivalent in pure math, when dealing with windvg, the rules change a bit due to the fact that we are dealing with an integer with a maximum size of 64 bits.


The relevant code portions for the actual implementation of mdate that gcc built were as so: Force the WOW64 extension to convert contexts as appropriate. One useful utility for tracking down performance problems that you might not have heard of until wincbg is kernrate, the Windows kernel profiler. If it is one of two magical values, then mdate will be configured to use the performance counter for timing.

WinDBG Starts to Show a Little CLR Love (Finally!) – Wintellect

Force bu breakpoint removal for unloaded modules. Since the remainder of the function does nothing that would influence the sign bit of the result, after the division, we get another large, but closer to zero negative value back stored in edx: This explains why nobody else has run into this problem in VLC enough to get it fixed by now; unless you run VLC on Windows systems with a high uptime, where VLC is convinced that it can use the performance counter for timing, you would never know that the compiler had introduced a subtle but serious bug due to optimizations.

It failed to create a break-point and here is the output.

windbg 6.7 5.0

Unfortunately there’s still no inherent managed debugging support as we had with 6. I checked out the VLC debug message 5.00 and found numerous instances of this log message: