The following items or corrections did not make it into the documentation for this release. To review release notes for earlier releases of vRealize Orchestrator, click one of the following links:. Declare the array as a local variable: Roles Management accessible directly in the new Monitoring client. The vCenter Server plug-in does not support policies. Follow the steps to gather log files and configuration from Orchestrator:

vmware vco appliance

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To increase the expiry time for an account, log in to the Orchestrator Appliance as root, and run the following command: On completion, the Convert disks to thin provisioning workflow reports that the thick-provisioned disks of virtual machines with snapshots are successfully converted to thin-provisioned, but they are not. Change the ownership of the mysql-connector-java-x. Failed to load class “org. Miscellaneous Issues When running the migration tool to export configuration from a vRealize Orchestrator 6.

vmware vco appliance

The Orchestrator service cannot recover after a back up and appliancf procedure. If you have more than one Orchestrator node in a cluster, run the steps on all nodes. Adding values to vCenter Server data object properties of the Array type is impossible. What’s New in vRealize Orchestrator 7. Log in to Control Center as an administrator.

Supported platform versions are ”. Extract the applianfe archive. You may safely ignore this message. The vCenter Server plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator does not support using policies to applianxe for events that are issued by the managed vCenter Server instance.


Driver’ for ‘MySQL’ database cannot be found! Features and issues from earlier releases of vRealize Orchestrator are described in the release notes for each release. Do not include virtual machines with snapshots in the workflow.

After an upgrade from any version of Orchestrator earlier than 7.

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If Orchestrator is authenticated with vSphere and a user belongs to a lot of user groups, a timeout error occurs when logging in to Control Center. Client Issues Duplicating a workflow always copies the version history of the original workflow, even through the Copy version history is set to No. If you run a workflow that initiates a SOAP operation and the Orchestrator server restarts, the workflow will fail with an error similar to: Open and Flexible Architecture Automate management and operational applance across both VMware and third-party applications, such as service desks, change management and Apppliance asset management systems.

Learn more about vRealize Automation. LDAP authentication The following features are deprecated in vRealize Orchestrator and are scheduled for removal in future releases. A fully functioning version of the Orchestrator client in a new quick and responsive HTML vcl web interface. Roles Management accessible directly in the new Monitoring client.

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vmware vco appliance

Please contact your administrator to resolve the issue. When you import previously exported packages, the SecureString values in the Configuration elements are empty.

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Provide your feedback by using one of the following methods: After you start upgrade, the upgrade never finishes. If you export a package to folder using Java client, the version history content is not vmwade. Run the steps below to uninstall the plug-in. However, after you instantiate the object, you cannot add values to the array.

When you have more than one Orchestrator instances in a cluster, the workflow tokens are visible only on the Orchestrator node on which the workflow has run. OGNL expressions of an input parameter run with every input parameter update Applince an input aappliance includes an OGNL expression, which is bound to more than one input parameter, the OGNL expression runs every time any of the input parameters is updated, instead of running once, when all input parameters are updated.

You must upgrade your vRealize Orchestrator Appliance 5.