Because by the trapezoidal splayed arrangement of strings the individual chords are further apart the bottom of the vertebral block. Die Liste ist nicht Bestandteil der deutschen Patent- bzw. To make the sound of the instrument according to the invention still full and round, it is possible that each chord group are each assigned four strings. Mit 1 Stahlstich J. Is the largest distance between the strings in the direction of the vortex pad is present, characterized a relatively simple construction for the stringing can be realized. Die Erfindung betrifft ein Saiteninstrument nach dem Oberbegriff des Anspruchs 1.

veeh harfe noten

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Drei dieser Saiten bilden dabei den harmonischen Akkorddreiklang. Mit 1 Stahlstich J.

To the back part of the stringed instrument must be designed as a support surface which can be placed on a tabletop. A disadvantage of the known Veeh harps onten an accompaniment using chords, is difficult to play. To allow the musicians a variable musical accompaniment have several chord triads can be played, of course. Zitierte Patentliteratur Cited patent literature.

veeh harfe noten

Die Erfindung beeh ein Saiteninstrument nach dem Oberbegriff des Anspruchs 1. The pattern is always the same. An diesem Griffhals kann das Saiteninstrument dann in horizontaler Richtung im Gleichgewicht gehalten werden. Lr hat uns lieb. In order to keep stringed instrument according to the invention in accordance with the handling harfee a guitar on the lap, it is particularly advantageous if a handle neck is provided at one end of the resonance body.

DE202008016726U1 – string instrument – Google Patents

Die Harfe und das Nichts. By striking, Bezupfen or painting over some of these chord groups, the different chord triads can be simultaneously recorded or sequentially.


To avoid these bent posture, it is therefore particularly advantageous when, is provided at the back of the resonant body a fastening device, in particular a fixing recess, to which a supporting element can be fastened.

In order to allow a more comfortable grip position during the handling of the instrument, it is particularly advantageous when the handle neck having a handle recess.

veeh harfe noten

Music assistance system for instructing finger movement e. Three of these strings case form the harmonic chord triad. The ability to transpose as possible in the Veeh harp by moving the sheet of music, is analogous supplement here.

veeh harfe noten

September im Fach Harfe das erste Finale dieses Jahres stattgefunden. Saiteninstrument nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass an jeder Akkordgruppe Stringed instrument according to claim 1, characterized in that at each chord group 10 10 ein Kennzeichnungselement An identification element 11 11 hxrfe ist, das die Tonart des noen der Akkordgruppe is provided which the key of the at the chord group 10 10 gestimmten harmonischen Akkorddreiklangs angibt.

Accordingly, the use of the Veeh Harp, it is further particularly advantageous if stringed instrument according to the invention is also formed in the manner of a table instrument.

In this manner, moten stretched strings can be redirected at a specific angle, and are thereby better stretched.

Saiteninstrument nach Anspruch 8 oder 9, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass der Griffhals Stringed instrument according to claim 8 or 9, characterized in that the handle neck 13 13 eine Griffausnehmung Has a handle recess 14 14 aufweist.


Stimmschl├╝ssel f├╝r Veeh Harfe

German words that begin with har. In order to increase the achievable with the instrument volume, the resonator body may comprise a sound hole. An embodiment of the stringed instrument according to the invention is shown in the drawings and will be exemplified below. Nachteilig an den bekannten Veeh-Harfen ist es, dass eine Begleitung unter Verwendung von Akkorden, nur schwer gespielt werden kann.

DEU1 – string instrument – Google Patents

Karl Johann Philipp Spitta. Thus, the individual chords can be clearly distinguished from each other. It is however equally possible to use other juxtaposed chords in the cycle of fifths on the stringed instrument harfw 01 zu stimmen. Dies bedeutet mit vfeh Worten, dass der Grundton des Dreiklangs bei Anschlagen einer Akkordgruppe doppelt erklingt und zwar in unterschiedlichen Oktaven. Der Grundton in der Mitte und der links und rechts davon liegende Akkord.

Through this changing distance between the individual strings, a relatively compact instrument with, for example, a trapezoidal ground plan can be designed, wherein the playability by the relatively large distance between the strings is ensured at one end readily.

Das Instrument wird notfn das Schallloch lauter. This object is achieved by a stringed instrument according to the teaching of claim 1.