When you buy a car, the previous owner or dealer will register you as the new owner and your V5 document will arrive in the post a couple of weeks later. To find out more information you will need to have at least the make of the vehicle and its registration number. This is normally sent to you within 3 weeks. How do I sell a car without a V5C? You can change your cookie settings at any time. Or with the relevant section of the old V5 for new keepers. Then send the complete logbook to:.

v5 form dvla

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Apply for a vehicle registration certificate (form V62)

For a new V5 document after changing an address, it can take up to 6 weeks to arrive in the post. There are many scenarios where the ownership may need to change.

To help us improve GOV. Foorm you might need to order a completely new replacement. Fortunately, you can check your driving licence onlineincluding for any current convictions, before updating your V5 documents.

The V5C itself is a four page document that was blue in colour until In both cases, part of the process may enable you to list your car under an original or age-related registration number if possible. Thank you for your feedback. Examples where a change of ownership may be needed includes parents giving a car to their offspring and divorce settlements where one side may need to take ownership of a car from the former partner.


Vehicle Registration (V5) –

You can change your cookie settings at any time. Explore the topic Buying, selling, registering and scrapping a vehicle. And it also invalidates your car insurance if the registered address is incorrect.

Read some of our other guides below — all these mention the V5C form. Is this page useful? If you sell or give away your car then you will always need to switch the legal ownership to the new owner. But it could be even worse. Then, when the DVLA has the details of you and your vehicle, they will issue a V5C as a confirmation that the vehicle has now been registered.

V5C – The Ultimate Guide to the V5

If you are fortunate enough to have recently bought a brand new car from a dealer, the dealer will typically register and tax it for you. You will need to send this along with the completed V62 form. Any data collected is anonymised.

A reconstructed classic is determined as built from genuine period components from more than one vehicle and all over 25 years old.

v5 form dvla

The V5C is also known as the vehicle logbook or simply the V5 form. Get ready for Brexit. Skip to main content. Following a vehicle being transferred, exported, scrapped or undergoing a major modification, such as a new engine, chassis or a factor that alters the taxation class, the form is return to the DVLA, who will issue a fofm document with the amended details if it is appropriate.


V5C: The Ultimate Guide To Your V5 Log Book ( Update) • Motorway

Published 1 July Last updated 26 February — see all updates. How do I change the address on my V5C? Just follow the information on lost and replacement V5C documents above. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Not having one for your vehicle can have serious implications for the value of your car when you want to sell it. Form Apply for a vehicle svla certificate form V However, you might need to know how to apply for a V5 for a number of other reasons.

v5 form dvla

It can take up to 5 days to get a replacement if you apply by phone, and up to six weeks via dvl postal service. To change your address on the V5, you need to complete your new House Number and Address in Section 6 of the document.

v5 form dvla

It will help us if you say what fofm technology you use. What to do if I have lost my V5C? How do I apply for a V5C document?