However, version 1 cannot detect external sd card. You can also just buy PLCC32 extractor. PP mode is used during manufacturer flashing process of the chip because it is faster , LPC is used for communication when already set in motherboard, so chipset must know how to communicate this way, thats why this standard got so popular after appearance of Nforce2 ISA bus was never imlemented for use in this chipset. The end of year As for the square chips aka PLCC32 it’s a bit harder. It’s a rather common problem, most likely caused by the fact that manufacturers sometimes use flash memory chips of different capacity in different motherboard revisions.

uniflash 1.2.1

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This page has been accessed 3, times. The most important thing – during this process do not drop any ironware on the motherboard or spill any liquid. Recovered from a current CWM boot image and I’m back at square one. Ok, so it appears to work with my LG Ph.


UniFlash has its own website http: I hate being a noob. MihailPro OP Oct So now I generated the md5 checksum manually to get my nandroid. There are other programs that can handle them. So now it restores the boot image and softbrick again lol. I can make backups with the nice release 1. It should be used with the following switches:. Other programs such as Internet Browsers are just skipping this data, so the data is downloaded ant then thrown away!

uniflash 1.2.1

And the non-changeable bootblock purposely was separated from other blocks for bios protection jniflash case of emergency recovery from floppy drive. As for the square chips aka PLCC32 it’s a bit harder.

This is the official build for unifoash v1. For complete revision history, read the uniflash. Mode is chosen by logic level on IC pin Interface Configuration Pin during computer startup process as follows: To view the list of new devices being supported by this build, take a look at the Improvements and Changes section.

uniflash 1.2.1

I have a lot of backups of rom manager of my phone. I boot to CWM and it actually shows up in my restore list.


uniflash 1.2.1

For the modern boards you will need to use Windows-based flashing utilities. Hniflash example, if the motherboard has 5V chip usually 29xxxx seriesyou can unkflash the chips designed for lower voltages on this board and you will succeed. If you’re dealing with problems like these – you can read the chapter about the LPC interface ASUS uses this interface long ago compared to other companies who have started using it later.

Please report any bugs to: The special jumpers were made on many Socket7 motherboards and named: Excuse my bad eng.


However, version unjflash cannot detect external sd card. For technical support please post your questions at http: Latest versions of Uniflash are so knowledgeable and stable that i use it in most cases now. Different chips require different programming voltages. For these motherboards, ASUS’ own branded utilities must be used. Please send comments to: