Users can access OVD either with a native client or through the web browser. The central element of the version available at the time of writing — Ulteo OVD 4. Getting to Know Firewalld. Views Read Edit View history. This server is the central piece of an Ulteo OVD architecture. There is now a Community edition and a Premium edition.

ulteo ovd

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The Session Manager, at least one Application Server and the client component are required, while the others are optional. Data was replicated between the two databases using DRBDand failover was handled by the Heartbeat cluster manager.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. For an even more detailed overview of the features included in each edition, consult a summary of the features on the OVD website [2]. StickerYou is your one-stop shop to make lvd business stick! For reasons of system performance and load balancing, Ulteo recommends installing various services on separate hardware. Restoring Deleted Files in Linux.

The portal mode includes a web-based file browser based on AjaXplorerfrom which users kvd download files, upload files or launch files in a published application.

ulteo ovd

Contact, corrections and suggestions: Ulteo Applications System 1. Servers controlled by the Session Manager are known as slave servers.


The Ulteo Subsystem can be installed on a Linux server with no desktop environment and no applications.

ulteo ovd

No visitor rating given yet. The Gateway is a Premium module.

Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop

Support for additional authentication mechanisms, including single sign-on, can ulto implemented using an open API.

A binary installation package is only available for Linux at the moment [ when?

ulteo ovd

Users can access OVD either with a native client or through the web browser. It is a hybrid, network-oriented and mostly automatic computing system that ships with hundreds of applications and innovative features.

For shared file storage in the Windows and Linux world, you can use a file server on either Windows or Linux that relies on the CIFS protocol to communicate with the application servers.

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If the Java plugin is missing or disabled in the browser, the server automatically provides access via HTML5. An SSL gateway is available to deploy applications over the Internet. Getting to Know Firewalld. Comparison of platform virtualization software. As already mentioned, use of the native client is limited to the Premium Edition.

: Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop

External directory services use LDAP to connect. In application mode, users can either launch remote applications from the client’s main window, or configure the client to place icons into their start menu, from where they can be launched like local applications.


The desktop OS clients support desktop mode or application mode. Ulteo OVD includes an optional file server to host user profiles or shared folders, ensuring user access to the same files when using applications from different servers. A new addition to Oracle Linux would eliminate cases like Equifax where failure to patch leads to disaster. The former Gold modules are now part of the Premium edition and may contain proprietary code starting ulreo version 4.

Users of the Premium edition need to install an additional license management package on the Session Manager and import a license, which comes in the form of a certificate.

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If you cannot live with functional limitations in this area, you are forced to resort to the Ultteo Edition and to using a native client. Sessions can be accessed through a web portal, using any Java or HTML5-capable browser, or integrated into the local desktop environment and launched like local applications.

Retrieved 5 October The switch from VNC to RDP as the transport protocol brought about significant improvements in performance, desktop integration e.