We did make an album back then, but over the years, sounds changed and doors opened right in front of me. The whole journey has been a learning curve. You are commenting using your Google account. But were those singles enough? That is something I am looking forward to. You hardly ever hear of an album taking this long to make. Those songs, from what they were then, to what they are now — there is a massive difference.

tru skool gurj sidhu

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Also, gutj time went on, my voice got better, and listening back to my older songs, I felt I could do them better. We were approached by Gurj to help him develop ideas for his debut album. Working with Gurj is the first time I have actually had someone who wanted to sit in on those long studio sessions and input ideas for vibes and sounds. Things just fall in place. I used to get all claustrophobic, recording in the vocal booth.


Putt Sardaran De

Sentimental Value is a quality album featuring some of the best music directors in the Panjabi music scene with the unmistakeable vocals of Gurj Sidhu — please support and buy legally so that further projects of this calibre can be released!

Myself and Gurj composed and played all the music pieces. Gurj understands and gives importance to visuals as much as he does to the music. From the producers, musicians and lyricists, to the video directors and models. There was a sidbu about this track from start to finish. You are commenting using your Google account. Keep all eyes on him. I was actually vibing in the studio with Atul Sharma on keyboard, with me with a mic ssidhu my hand.


Vocalist Gurj Sidhu and producer Tru-Skool live in studio

Bhangra Tape Deck was invited to an exclusive listening session for the album, in Birmingham. I hope to God he absolutely smashes it with his next album.

How did the Atul Sharma collaboration come about? We felt that he had a very unique and powerful voice, and as such, began working with him. I grew up listening to his songs.

I got so many messages after, and I also was getting bookings from people asking if I could sing during their first dance song too! This track is on the album. He recorded me in his studio.

Putt Sardaran De – Gurj Sidhu Feat. Tru-Skool | Shazam

The opportunity to work with Gurj Sidhu has been an amazing experience. I found it strange to have someone looking over my shoulder, so to speak, but as time has progressed, myself and Gurj have developed a click and chemistry that has actually enabled us to make songs that are, without a doubt, the most diverse and varied songs on the album.

tru skool gurj sidhu

There are surprises in the album. Tru-Skool is the reason I am writing tracks as a lyricist, trj stop. We did make an album back then, but over the years, sounds changed and doors opened right in front of me.


tru skool gurj sidhu

At that age, everyone is wondering what they want to do when they leave school. The fact that he is born and bred in the UK, makes it even more shocking. You hardly ever hear of an album taking this long to make. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Gurj Sidhu has an exceptional Folk style with a raw, powerful and Desi vibe to his voice and I love the fact that tracks I have written have been sang by singers like him!

I think this album is the start of something big for Gurj, and I wish him all the best. We look forward to everyone hearing the material we have worked on with Gurj, finally being released after so many years!

Gurj Sidhu is an artist unique in the sense that he is completely open to creative visual ideas — without boundaries or restrictions. Atul Sharma messaged me with regard to one of my videos I uploaded onto Facebook.