If anyone else has this problem, this is what I did:. This block is part of a mod that has so called been updated and this issue fixed but the voidswrath people have not included this update in there recent update. With the introduction of this mod I assume that we are going to face some ore generation on the map and we have only just done a reset so i am unsure what to do. This forum and the older one are both in operation. In essence, this means that theAtlanticCraft already placed the coding in the launcher for the mod to download, but did it in a way that is incomplete which causes the game to fail.

theatlanticcraft crazy craft world

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A single block of both Uranium and Titanium A single block of coal, iron, diamond, gold, and emerald. I personally open up the console for the voidlauncher every time I play to make sure that everything is loading and initializing properly.

A map of Atlantic Crafts and Littlelizards crazy craft 3. But it seems I can’t. This boss is like none you have ever seen before! As the modpack develops more resets may be forced upon us and thats totaly out of my control. This is not a quest pack so it is sandbox you can build whatever you. However, before you guys initiate a server reset, there should be a few things in place to keep the players from getting aggravated further. I highly doubt they are even reading this, so I have to rely on you guys to help get the message across.


Minecraft gets a new Challenge today!

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SuperHeroes Unlimited is neat and all, but we need mods like extraUtilities for players who are more technically inclined as well as for ease of sorting and storing items. If anyone theatlanticcrxft has this problem, this is what I did: See you out there. Latest on Playlist 2 Oops, something went wrong.

This is the official map for the SMP modded survival on crazy craft 3. Oops, something went wrong. Thank you for reading this.

InterruptedException [indent] at java. Posted on November 19, by voidswrath in News. Scramble Craft Mod 1.

Crazycraft mod pack

Which from what I can tell the error is a file not found error. The Crazy Craft Mod Pack is crazier than ever! Posted on June 4, by voidswrath in News.

theatlanticcraft crazy craft world

Posted on July 16, by voidswrath in News. If it is too much work to discern who was a player on the server previously, you can make it available to anyone who joins within the first two or three days of the reset. With the introduction of this mod I assume that we are going to face some ore generation on the map and we have only just done a reset so i am unsure what to do. I will be thinking of possible solutions to this too!


I tried to delete all of the files, I tried even a system restore.

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Ill use a Spoiler to make it easier for you. I strongly disagree with their decisions, but since I am a single player that is unknown to them I cannot do much alone.

theatlanticcraft crazy craft world

These is a major goal of ours is to fix all problems on our mod packs and ensure that everyone has a good time. Also, people have already been thinking about leaving the server if there are any further resets.

He stops at nothing! Lastly this is a BETA modpack and even the Voidswrath guys dont have a public server yet, I am guessing becuase its unstable and they wrold it. Also, I realized I can post the information the console provides in a post to show you what I see.

This made me think harder and hopefully reminds everyone you are a person too.