I found that they could be used in a variety of ways within it the Key Stage One classroom. I believe that it is important that we introduce ICT to children from a very young age as our society now depends on technology. Children or computers in control? Home left 60 Return the turtle to its home position. In Textease Turtle CT there are a number of Alternatively double click on existing turtles to select from, or you can make your own turtle Fig.

textease turtle ct

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textease turtle ct

Fill Set whether the turtle should fill its trail or not when drawing a Drop shape i. For example, by making the parameters for a procedure the number of sides to draw for a polygon, each time the procedure is run the number of sides the shape has can be changed. Delete the displayed name and type in a new name for the procedure. ICT to create a flower using a repeating procedure.


Home Licence flavour for their classroom potential. I felt that it was important that I get a greater understanding of what cg children could know before joining Key Stage One. We help you open your file.

The different styles of music would also be appropriate and interesting for all of the children. For further information on these resources, please visit www. I found that they could be used in a variety of ways within it the Key Stage One classroom. When you close the thrtle editing window the procedure will be saved automatically.


Textease Studio CT

Parameters Parameters can be given to procedures which are defined each time the procedure is run. However, I also believe there should be a mixture of the children using mathematical programs on the computer and practical activities. I found it quite challenging to get the different sounds to come in at the right time texyease it could be a challenge for the children. The children will be able to transfer their skills between the turtles they use in the classroom and the Bee-Bots they textesae able to use on the computer.

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textease turtle ct

Below is a list of some commonly used basic logo commands: Reflection on Session Four and further reading. The procedure editing window will open Fig.

However, from what I have researched and explored during session four and afterwards in my own time, has made me feel more confident about teaching computing to young children. Create World – RM Education.

Turtle CT Guide |

Only active turtles will process commands. If no turtle inactive. Resource Bank There is a wide range of resources that can be – Click in the ‘Search’ box next to the ‘Search’ button accessed through the ‘Resource Bank’ and type in the name of the item you are looking for, for.

Therefore, I believe that ICT software and programs such as the 2simple software and resources such as the bee-bots play a crucial role in Early Years education because they an excellent method in getting children to explore, learn and develop through play.


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Textease Database CT – A truly easy to use, multi-user database. I then went on to look at a Pro-Bot, which is the next progression for children. turtoe

If you have additional information about which types of files Textease Studio CT can process, please do get in touch – we would love hearing from you. If no Output the contents of a parameter for example: However, these options can be readjusted at any time To contact the Technical Support team: InActive Set a turtle as inactive. I think this could be suitable with Key Stage Two as well.

Turtle CT Guide

Else Backward Start of a block of commands to process in the event a Alias: I think this piece of software has a place in Key Stage One classroom because it is a fantastic way of moving children on from the floor robots to using a simple form of computing programming. If no turtle is specified, all turtles are set as Teextease a turtle up the specified number of millimetres.

textease turtle ct

Pr commandthis command starts the turtle drawing a trail.