Similar Episodes Related Episodes. As in every day I listen to them. And I am going to make the format a bit different, offering more variety, in the ways of interviews with bands, alongside phone conversations with my radio alumni, and comedian friends. The Elephant 6 Recording Co. For instance I am thinking of changing the name of this podcast to Digital Spray Paint.

tame impala expectation free mp3

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For instance I am thinking of changing the name of this podcast to Digital Spray Paint.

Episode Info Episode Info: Get the Stitcher App Take your podcasts on-the-go! The Elephant 6 Recording Co. Psych is my favorite thing ever right now!! impalaa

tame impala expectation free mp3

The album is only available by import right now, but the U. A Documentary September 24, Get the Stitcher App Send a link to your phone to take your podcasts on the go. fdee

Error – There was an error with your download request. Good guys, great music. Pepper exlectation better than the White Album; case in point- there are songs I have to skip through on the white piggy song? And Solitude Is Bliss is probably my favorite single in a very, very long while.

Tame impala

A mention of this new album by on As in every day I listen to them. With the obvious bands out of the way I posted a FaceBook comment and received several comments game you guys as well, listing a ton of iconic rock, that hails from the land down under.


Well they really can bring the magic to the stage. Dungen are masters of the genre, so were Cream and The Beatles, and all of these bands will certainly creep up as Innerspeaker massages your sense expetcation hearing.

In an interview with UnderCover TV he elaborated on his take towards using pedals in a new way that helps create a sound that newer musicians are wishing they thought of.

Tame Impala : Innerspeaker : Aquarium Drunkard

Tame Impala — InnerSpeaker:: Similar Episodes Related Episodes. Innerspeaker flows like one giant wave — optimistic, honest and free. I have, however had several ideas floating around in my head. This past October Tame Impala released their latest full length titled Lonerism an album that embodies the atmospherical, environmentally, synth blanketed rock that fans have grown to crave.

Discover more stories like this. But eventually we move on and use music as our escape. Or do they shadow their limited skills by a cloud of noise. A phone conversation with my friend recently had me thinking about how much great music comes out of Australia. Lyrics are dipped in oceans of reverb and echo, the guitar riffs are memorable with pitch-shifting octaves that at times sound like trumpets crying, and the drumming…absolutely stellar. Great record, really expectatlon to see em next month sidebar!


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The band was originally known as The Dee Dee Drums and is a c ollaboration of other indie groups fronted by Kevin Parker who also plays drums in Pond: Themes of love and loss, crawling away from it and second-guessing the decisions that underlie break-ups are all laid out on the table.

Thanks for sticking with me during my move and the podcast dry spell. Seems as expectatio the US release of Innerspeaker never happened. Psychedelic music typically references an out-of-body experience. Like Stitcher On Facebook.

tame impala expectation free mp3

I have these guys on high rotation.