Do not know that to do tried also with yassinov proggy NCF ver 3. And if cable, directly to the Dsl or cable modem, or with a extra router between. See if you get a network ip, one in the same range as your computer network. Also, the stop button method only works if the box is connected to a dhcp network, otherwise you may not get a ip. This happens generally when you have an old SSL on the box, and you want to flash the complete image In that case connect the service usb port to your computer, and use optiflasher advanced serial mode, detect ports, and enable reset bios factory settings, press do job.

sunray flashup for 800hd se

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The holy land Many thanks for the instructions.

sunray flashup for 800hd se

I got a dmhd se, i forgot the password and tried to image it with a different image, it had bootloader 82, estar v3 sim. Merry Xms to all!!

DMHD SE no ca found, dreamup doesnt work [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

The holy land Here attached the screen shots while trying to flash AllSim and then Image with bad sectors option repair See advanced button, detect ports, choose the correct comport, enable the no ca found fix, do job. On dm yes On dmse no, as it not got a serial connection mate. Thanks a lot for the replies. This time I clicked on yes, how stupid now it?


The holy land Es all, I have No problem with Japhar flesher. Can someone help please? Many thanks for the instructions. The holy land Hi, Checked.

sunray flashup for 800hd se

But I receive no IP at the panel!!! You may also sent the motherboard to me, if you want that than sent me or Toysoft a private message for the address. It came with an image on it but I decided on the advice of others to play around with a few images.

I flashed the image, the box rebooted and now I get a “RO1: If so, than I give you some information about this. Remote dreambox ip is out of range of the Though I am not familiar with this option. If you want later to upload another Japhar image file, you can do it with your browser.

Connect the dreambox to your network, and try the stop button method.

Wireless, or with a network cable etc. You are not logged in. Connect the box with the usb service port AND the network cable. Sinray, do the reset bios option. The box is connected by cable to a hub and the hub connected to the router by cable.

You have the Use network enabled. Here attached the screen shots while trying to flash AllSim and then Image with bad sectors option repair Using it Ss can flash any image but in vain because after image is flashed and I reboot the receiver is in the same condition eror.


How to flash dm se with dreamup [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

Glad you’ve managed to sort it out and thanks for advising others how to go about doing it as well! If you are able to help via team viewer it is preferable. See if it’s present, because es you always get the no ca found issue. Trying for hours to solve the problem of Dreambox hd se -Sunray sunshine.

How to recover your DM800 SE & 500HD Clone From NO CA ERROR with SunRay-FlashUp and Browser

After spending a solid 6 hours trying to solve this I finally got it! Switch to Threaded Mode. Yeah the image file on the flash chip is not compatible with the boot loader, or corrupted due the use of w7 or higher.