Graphically its too demanding and most people wont notice it on or off. Il n’est maintenant visible que par vous. Your name or email address: Until someone experiencing this issue actually figures it out and shares their findings with the world I’m sticking with 2. I have the opposite problem where the nights are too bright in 3. I just don’t get how some people have installed it and aren’t having this issue.

street textures by dkt70

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Hi, I just installed iCEnhancer 3. Ill have to keep looking. Your name or email address: Im running a 1. I dkt7 agree with his reply.

Log in or Sign up. Yes, my password is: Next month or so. Since the archives are in parts you MUST choose “save skt70 when downloading each part with winrar [www. I’m relatively familiar with ENB settings as well.


Anyone any bright ideas for fixing this lighting bug mentioned above?? Ztreet during the day. Use the programm CacheBoost, that helped with all my missing textures I got ingame. RestlessAug 6, I have been trying to find a working archive for some time now.

Below are examples of the two versions compared. When I disable the sky texture it’s slightly better but it’s still not correct.

GTA 4 Graphics mods

Some graphics cards 0. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I think I read on iCE’s web site that he changed the night time lighting. No, create an account now. He’s supposed to be releasing a FAQ soon that will hopefully detail how to change particular lighting values because everything I’ve messed with so far has had no effect. Great patch, thank you. Hey, so I installed the patch and i’m running into a nasty bug, I have a GTX with 64gb of ram and the game won’t let me change any of my settings, it says that my graphics settings exceed the recommended amount, any fix for this?


Interiors in 3 are also blindingly bright. Il n’est maintenant visible que par vous. What should i do when i start GTA 4 and hang on the black screen with white writing?

Communauté Steam :: Guide :: GTAIV ENB/iCEnhancer & Better Texture Overhaul Tutorial Guide

Graphically its too demanding and most people wont notice it on or off. I’m just surprised at how wrong it looks. Or is it optional? Based on the textures that came with iCE 3. My biggest issue with 3.

street textures by dkt70

I’ve looked but I haven’t found any active threads discusssing iCEnhancer 3. Afficher la version mobile du site.

street textures by dkt70

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