But don’t worry guys. Between and , Hypnotica and Steve Piccus made friends with several of the seduction community’s first coaches including Ross Jeffries , David DeAngelo , and Mystery. First of all, I recommend that you begin a practice of regular meditation. We’re coordinating to make sure most of the attending Gurus will be available to you during this time to help give you preemptive tips, feedback and advice based on their first impression of you, your demeanor, tone, and general presence. If someone finds you attractive, its just a sincere compliment. Find a quiet place to read this page where you won’t be disturbed. His product, White Tiger Tantra focuses on how to give women intense and freeing sexual orgasms.

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With an acute sense of timing and quick reactions, Sinn is constantly aware of everything that is hgpnotica around him in a busy nightclub. He has unparalleled mastery of the linguistic arts and can draw upon the powers of many complex sciences, channel them, and bequeath them as magical mystical skills onto his students.

How we act is a direct result from what we believe about ourselves and others. No one dares question his methods. He houses pickup and seduction’s most supreme mutant mind. Hypnoticw have been dirt poor ourselves and shelled out our hard-earned cash to attend seminars but we didn’t get any cool bonuses like this to offset the cost.

Steve P & Hynotica – PUA Forum

Eric eventually began taking a keen interest in NLP Neurolinguistic programming and studied everything he could get his hands on. They learn all the fancy stuff but still feel empty inside because they havent explored themselves. Very little is known about the origins of this hero, but Brent is able to smoothly glide in and out of venues with the greatest of ease, slicing his way through the crowd.


Along the way, we’ve also helped countless men do the same. Cool, calm, and collected, he never breaks a sweat. Ross has probably forgotten more about seduction than most men will ever learn, and probably knows more than ten normal gurus put together.

First of all, I recommend that you begin a practice of regular meditation.

Any experience with Hypnosis products (Hypnotica, Steve P, ect)

He may be crude, and he may be tactless, but he will instill upon you the knowledge on how yame discern the type of woman you want and how to go about getting her! Whether its a job, a relationship, a friendship or whatever. We want to make sure you’re alert and absorbing as much knowledge as humanly possible during the event so we’re also providing free breakfast to all attendees every day, as well as a mid-say snack, if not more.

He ended up returning to bouncing at a strip club.

Dating Advice for Men: The Annihiliation Method, Part III

Joined Sep 8, Messages Reaction score He also earned a reputation as the ‘Inner Game Guru’, having originally mentored people in the PUA community on confidence and inner game in partnership with his friend Steve Piccus. This remained an important influence in his life, as often a ‘trip’ with a new drug marked a new realization in his life and the start of a new journey or a big change. niner

Having adamantium fused into his bones and skeleton, he is virtually indestructible. At the time his method for getting a girl from his living room into his bedroom seemed like pure genius, and well, it still is!


It’s a discount which you can apply to ANY Guru with whom we’ve coordinated this special offer. Cameron offers training and coaching via his company, Attract Women Anywhere. Steve P and Hypnotica have a unique talent in finding where you thought you were stuck and creating, instantly, the change you need to accomplish your goals.

Passionate and fierce, Cameron is who we call on when we need to inspire a revolution. At pounds of solid muscle mass, he is a force to be reckoned with.

He teaches men, and advises high profile coaches, how to develop confidence with women. Find a quiet place to read this page where you won’t be gzme. This massive guru is the product hypnptica a government experimentation. If you decide to wait to register for their workshop after October 19th, there is a very good chance you will not be able to attend Now i dont know how much you know about social dynamics but i use a simple rule of thumb, if my mum said i cant do it, you probably can if you carry the right smile.

But if you have read this far, you have the persistence it takes to succeed! This is an Interactive Workshop. He will stefe his telepathic powers to delve very deep inside your mind, into experiences you’ve lived through, removing years of negative belief buildup, to hypnotida you a new fresh uypnotica into a life of possibilities.