Be sure to read whats in the text editor. If I had a nickel for every time my day has been made today, I’d have five cents, because nothing else happened today. You should probably stop throwing them away. Never heard of it I now have skills working with SDL and some of the other tools used within this Game.

stargus data files

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Stargus – Starcraft Native on Linux [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Tell me what you think. Just want to throw in that this is an awesome project! Whats the current state of the project? Forrest Voight Great work, looks real good!

Views Page Discussion Edit History. We were aiming to release last week, but a bunch of the developer pulled out.

stargus data files

I want to organize this project, get things coordinated, make updates available to end-users, update the users of this forum, etc. I also took a look at filez site, and it’s very professional.


It is being wrapped up, for the next release. In other words, stargus will have fully functional tilesets, units, etc with the functionality of stratagus here fata awhile. Just a note it has been like that for a very very long time now It has been programmed to easily accept new additions to the code. I would also like to say that Forrest Voight and I have been working on a linux port of Project Revolution.

Just a small update.

Table of contents Emulator: Thought you guys might like this. Stargus is a Starcraft Mod that allows you to play Starcraft with the Stratagus engine.

Stargus Free Download

The Windows Project Revolution ground to a halt because of engine limitations. Any suggested release date? Ok, I got a really big question. It will be nice to have another active developer. Yeah would be cool if for ex.

stargus data files

EXE from the CD to where the game was installed and rename it to starcraft. And yes, grats on the website!


Sorry I have not kept you up to date recently. After installation, Stargus can be run from stqrgus application menu. I am quite confused here.


stargus data files

I hope a beta can dafa put together using the fully functional tilesets. Hmm, tells you how reliable second-hand sources are eh? Lets just hope blizzard is nice and lets development of PRL continue: The problem with that is as soon as we are changing the game, we are breaking copyrite laws. I just wish teh compiling process was a little more straightforward Well, you can’t damage your system if that’s you mean.

Just the fact that this project needs to get some new life blown into it.

They will be extracted staargus Anyways I really really wanna help because I am into PPc’s pocket pcsspecifically my XV verizon wirelessand have I a working version ofWargus that plays pretty well.