The existing backups you have won’t work in Premiere or Avid. That was an extremely important piece of information, thanks! We have a U1 drive with latest firmware version 2. It will be on the US software site sony. It plays all Sony MXFs, full res or proxy.

sony pdz vx10 mxf viewer

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I can see someone plugging a PDW-U1 into a computer without the driver installed and freaking when our UserData folder is missing on an archive disc. That was an extremely important piece of information, thanks! As XDCAM Browser gains soby functionality, we anticipate that the individual applications will be discontinued and there will be one app to rule them all.

sony pdz vx10 mxf viewer

Then again, maybe I need them all. Hope this is helpful.

XDCAM driver description : Sony EX, FS5/FS7 & Related

If I tried importing the XML file outside of the folder it didn’t work. Have them copy the entire disc using Windows or Mac OS or a file copy utility.

Unfortunately our main edit systems needs to run on XP so I have to copy the files down from another computer onto an external drive and then import which is not very sny.


The xml file had to be in the same folder as the mxf clips. I installed the drivers on a bit Vista computer and the structure is always correct.

XDCAM driver description

XDCAM Browser integrates the key viwer of the following applications, previously available separately: It plays all Sony MXFs, full res or proxy.

You Might Also Like. When a prospective student walks into one of the buildings at Full Sail University, Is this structure correct? Are you sure you were able to reconstruct the whole clip and not just import the Proxy?

Its purpose is to store audio-only MXF files created when using the live voice over function on the portable decks. I was able to import both audio and video at the same time by importing the XML file into Edius. I will try this on our Edius box. The descriptions sometimes found in the release notes are very similar to each other. I do not have the discs. I am having a similar problem and cannot seem to get to the bottom of it. General PROAV From reading the tread I believe the correct driver is either not installed or is not working properly on the camera’s end If I remember right, you may be able to import video and audio peices separately into a timeline from the “bad” folder structure.


We are unable to view footage shot on a PDW The application is currently available for free download here.

sony pdz vx10 mxf viewer

I’m going to try to sear that into my memory so I don’t panic dpz down the road. I haven’t heard of a way to correct the structure after it’s been written.

It seems to be working great. Ian didn’t sound optimistic, so I gave up hope as well. If you are able to get to a Mac and have the files read you can export new MXFs in the proper format by right clicking on the thumbnails and selecting ‘Export to File.

I am wondering vidwer there is a conflict with firmware version 2. Tedius, but it worked for me until I updated firmware on the disc reader. Get access to our latest and featured articles from your favorite authors, wherever you are, directly on your phone!

Can anyone tell me whether they are successfully running this configuration?