Level too elevated, like where Bespin or heaven is,. Thanks to Karmal and SonaOne for the actual lyrics. I got a tendency for spending on women, Cause I’ll be high, and she speaks, so I pretend that I’m listening, And agree on something stupid, and in the end I give in, Can’t keep my hands off the muthafuckin’ cookie jar, Daymmmm, forgot all about my booty call ah haaah I want you, to be, with me Do follow me on instagram and twitter hanyfzm , I hope you guys enjoy it: Ramai rappers dah risau dah macam nak sakit jiwa,.

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And I can’t Yeah baby I’m selfish.

sonaone huh mp3

I swear nobody does it better, better, better, better, better. Hmm, or should I call him.

That’s the kinda shit, I avoid, like a roadblock, Runnin’ your mouth sonaonw a muthafuckin blowjob, But your girl’s the one who took her fuckin clothes off, Yehh, you drive a Bimmer, so what? A great song from SonaOne’s mixtape, Tuna Spaghetti. We have SonaOne back again as our ambassador!

sonaone huh mp3

Ambassador Jones P-Pass the Dutchie, you remind me of my fast car, Gold diggin’, chilin’, livin’ like a superstar, Wanna hop up in you, take you for a long ride, It’s all good from the East, to the South side, Puttin knowledge on ya’, going at a slow pace, Me and my boo, ain’t need for no car chase, My belt could buckle but sometimes I yearn to break the law, You drive me crazy, if I crash, boo I’m not insured, I like to keep your full, than on empty, The only one to get you started, and no spare key, I run the engine and it’s ignition is on lock down, From your rims, to your hood, to my four pound, Check out the roar sound, Showed you once told you how it’s gonna go down, Ambassador Jones told ya how I’m gonna flow now, Stroll out, go now, now we high like a Kite, aight oh Wau.


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We keep giving them good shit to listen to, but they pretend like they don’t care Yeah. Watch other videos that I make: Nuhaa Aneesa Khaliff Production Lyricist: Posted by The Rose Line at 4: Take over the spot, where the number one is chillin’. Verse 1 Ey yo it’s time to wake up, no snooze! Karmal is heavily featured in this album as well following their really well done track, “Flyer Than A Huu in SonaOne’s previous mixtape.

sonaone huh mp3

I’m calling Yeah baby I’m selfish. Here’s some gooooood shit!

Through a long affiliation with Malaysia’s premier Hip Hop label, SonaOne was huuh into the high order of Kartel Records as a recording artist, and is set to release his debut album, “Modern Day Hippie”, currently in the process of recording, iin the first half of Posted by The Rose Line at sonaond Eh yo global city waddup.

Double X line line, eyyy For those who keep asking me questions like, “Are you SonaOne? But – but I don’t care, I don’t care. Definition of demented’s how I spit mine. I’m not boastin’, I’m not boastin’. Um shawty wanna ride All my You’re my ladies.


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Wildin’ out like a jungle with cobras. Let you I want you to myself, I can’t help guh. Wahai Karmal, sejak engkau dah tiba. Life short, flip around quick when you hit the Richter, I never asked for this, chase dreams and cream, Am I one to fall for the Baphometh, I live it up, cause’ the end is near, And blast it up in gear five, with the engine purrin’, Cause, one for the money, two’s for the first one, Three is all of the above, so you gotta pick one, Drinks on me, all eyes on me Album – Growing Up Sucks Year – I’m only, twenty two with a long way ahead of me.

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