Bernard Rose’s Candyman offers a moody “elegance”, if you will, that’s sorely lacking in other horror films of the era. That issue is another tale for another time, so I’ll leave you, valued reader, with a piece of advice: Their energy is unbridled and pure, and they do go over the top quite a lot here, but you’d be missing out if you discredited them for that, for the over-the-top stylings are part of Slough Feg’s endless charm. There’s nothing at all fake or contrived about this music, and the energy on display just goes through the roof, surpassing the dry, one-dimensional production job by about a thousand miles. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. With “Down Among the Deadmen,” few words can label the actual structure of its work yet none can articulate its various plunges into perfection, a magnum opus of heavy metal mastery. Traders and Gunboats, one of the best tracks on the album, even has this goofy spoken part about what I can assume to be the role playing game Traveller, a game that the next album would actually be based on.

slough feg down among the deadmen

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Down Among the Deadmen ‘s reputation is helped enormously by its production.

slough feg down among the deadmen

Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. The kicker here is that no songs are juvenile or immature, most are semi-complex metal anthems that are not only catchy, but sophisticated at the same time. Slogging it out for the title belt in that retro-minded pack is long-running corsair of classic metal, Slough Feg.

Goblins Creeping fast through my halls Talons Scraping blood from the walls Games and crafts performed by my fathers Tossing heads of curious dwarfs Called us cruel and heartless marauders Invading our caves, starting our wars Caverns Burn the path to my lair Demons Around each corner they bark Red eyes They glow like jewels in the dark Troglodytes are curious creatures Marching through reptilian realms Smell the blood of human invaders Feast on their limbs, bury their helms Axes Chopping limbs from the beasts Tridents Bathed in the blood of the priest Slaughtering this humanoid village Females kneel and bark at my throne Wretching in my cavernous castle Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!

Doug Clifford and Stu Cook look back on the bright-burning Creedence Clearwater Revival Woodstock set from Augustand talk about the decision to get off the road after 25 years as Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Down Dadmen the Deadmen, fef all else, is where they perfected their melodic, folkish style of classic traditional heavy metal. Walls Of Shame While you stay Behind deadmenn walls of gray While you pray The black and white won’t stay The end will haunt your cradle every night Black and white The lies that make you stable burn in the rite Black and white While you hide Behind the walls of shame Deep inside You know your master’s game The end will haunt your cradle every night Black and white The lies skough make you stable burn fef the rite Black and white “Look down below your feet And down there is a well Let Obscuranists cry Amogn down there’s only hell” 3.


If you’ve not indulged before, this three-CD reissue from the band’s earlier years is the perfect opportunity amog experience some of the very best traditional metal ever made. The quality of the songs, though, is pretty steady. Slough Feg Twilight of the Idols Label: However, although Slough Feg recalls the past, that evocativeness is blended with bombastic showmanship and deft musicianship.

The Lord Weird Slough Feg “Down Among the Deadmen” | Metal Blade Records

The nu metal scourge was garnering all of the media attention and giving metal a bad name to the outsider. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Hear it in full now. A master who’s failed at his own exam This knowledge of life has become a cage A prison where reason has turned to rage A hawk that circles a pentagram What kind of a face do these people see?

Even the fact that Fergus Mac Roich is an epic song with the mesmerising power of Rime of the Ancient Mariner and I’m not kidding packed in what could be a punk song is amazing. Down Among the Deadmen is deeply charismatic, the point at which Slough Feg’s adept musicianship really came into its own.

THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG LYRICS – “Down Among The Deadmen” () album

He adds a raspy edge to his tales of Celtic myths and, as seen in Warrior’s Dawn, even some American history. Psionic Illumination It came like a burning spiral I thought that it would never end But down in the whirling deaddmen Where time and distances all bend We shot through the black horizon Escape this hopeless galaxy Ship-wrecked on a plastic planet My mind was fractured by the sound Psionic Illuminations Dead thoughts are driven from the ground Now trapped in a burning synapse I’ve reached a singularity Dedamen trapped in the burning spiral It seems that tbe will never end I wrestled the raging vortex But infinite density don’t mend Abandon the solo savior Escape this hopeless galaxy Eurotrash bargain basement new wave dance pop, with the occasional moody detour, is business as usual for Stereo Total, and business is good on Ah!


Take you by surprise. Drawing from the role-playing game of the same name first published by Game Designers’ Workshop inTraveller is a concept album, a pan-galactic journey skough itself.

slough feg down among the deadmen

By the time I saw this album in that CD store, I had sort of moved on to Traveller being my favorite album, but when I put this in and heard Sky Chariots start, every reason I had to love this album flooded back to me.

Edgar Allan Poe’s 10 Best Stories. His lyrical talents have always been crucial to Slough Feg’s sense of exuberant demonstrativeness, and on Traveller he doesn’t hold back for a second. EmpyrealFebruary 18th, I guess what I’m trying to say is that history is on Down Among the Deadmen’s side. It is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of Slough Feg’s songwriting, artistic ability, and likeability.

The gusto of proto-metal runs riot throughout the hurtling “We’ll Meet Again”, and semi-acoustic battle-ode “Brave Connor Mac” stirs the poignant embers.

Slough Feg is one of the finest cult metal bands in existence.

Almost nothing is wrong with this record, and it falls just a hair short of a perfect score for me. The band formed in Pennsylvania in the early s before moving to San Francisco, and is famed for upsetting the city’s more grim-faced brethren. Centered around guitarist and vocalist Mike Scalzi–a philosophy professor by day and metal god in the eve–Slough Feg has included John Cobbett, architect of San Francisco’s similarly revered Hammers of Misfortune, in its ranks, while Scalzi returned the favor by being a member of Hammers of Misfortune for a period.

Lord Weird Slough Feg: Twilight of the Idols / Down Among the Deadmen / Traveller

A creature enslaved by his inquiry A chain of thought that will never stop Perhaps a bull in a china shop A monster trapped in a library I’m caught in this race’s own graveyard I’m piecing together unholy shards A man that xeadmen of his mental health An age that turned it against himself And left to gather his own reward What ever does this world want from me?

There isn’t any excuse not to love this band if you’re a fan of Heavy Metal in its purest form. Heavy Metal Monk 6.

slough feg down among the deadmen