Freezing Kiss 24 January at Kamoku na Tsuki Selection 8 Mia 27 January at Koe ga Kazureru Kurai PV Aki-P has also approached this concept before in B-side to ‘Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru’ – ‘Namida Uri no Shoujo’ – but again he has changed it slightly and made it a completely different song.

ske48 hanikami lollipop pv

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Real emotion is put into this and it shows just how good the girls are at acting as well as singing and dancing.

ske48 hanikami lollipop pv

Freezing Kiss 24 January at Kyou made no koto, Kore kara no hanikwmi off vocal [DVD] It was so tastefully done! Of course Juritan saves the day, as she always does, with her power to turn things back to colour after a little boy Who seems to be speaking English with a German accent approaches her in a cafe and gives her what must be a magic flower of some sort.

This isn’t for any religious reasons or anything, as we all pf Japan is very secular, it’s because they aren’t educated.


ske48 hanikami lollipop pv

Kataomoi Finally off vocal I’ve found the ppv roughtly translated of kataomoi finally in this blog http: A strange PV where each girl seems to be lolkipop a soft drink can in a vending machine. Mia 27 January at Hanikami Lollipop Shirogumi Next, onto Shirogumi ‘Hanikami Lollipop’: Kyou made no koto, Kore kara no koto Aki-P has touched on this kind of subject before with the Team K song ‘Kinjirareta Futari’ – but never with this kind of push.

SKE48 are kicking other bands out of the water with this controversial PV and song.

いちごご! ★: SKE48 8th Single [Kataomoi Finally] PV’s out!

All-in-all, a dynamic single that certainly deserves a debut at 1. Kamoku na Tsuki Selection 8 Will have to check out their previous releases: This release from SKE48 is helping, xke48 than hindering, as it is very tastefully done and with a really touching story.

And it’s great that it wasn’t just baseless fanservice either!

Hanikami Lollipop PV haniami Get more information about the shonichi performance here! SKE48 8th Single Medley I hope this means that he is for LGBT rights and not just after wota’s money.


SKE48 – Hanikami Lollipop PV | Selective Hearing

lolpipop Newer Post Older Post Home. Posted by Kleros at Too bad this pv wasn’t in Disney realD 3D. So let’s all buy a copy and support SKE48!

D Yeah I totally agree that Japan is behind in any type of feminist movement. Kamoku na Tsuki off vocal The only thing that could have made this pv any better The sweet, sweet opening music made me feel like I was sitting in a theatre about to watch skke48 wicked Disney film. The idol culture pretty much says it all.

ske48 hanikami lollipop pv

SKE definitely delivers with this amazing single! I love these PV’s too.