The songs on Whoami span a period of 10 years so it has been a true journey of self-discovery, hence the title. Eva yoxx” reviewed by AnalogueTrash. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? A bit too techno sounding for me though. Love, hope, betrayal, death. So, to talk about Skauss is to talk about the mask.

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It feels like an act of self-sacrifice releasing them to public scrutiny to be either exalted or diminished. Mystery makes it all the more interesting for me and gives wbo a recurring theme to build-upon and grow, on the road to the big, final revelation.

So, break the mould, put your headphones on and dance in the middle of the street without a care in the world. Search in the website: Luckily the first has been happening so far, much to my relief!

Reminds me of when I was in high school and got a haircut on mushrooms. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Whoami | SKAUSS

These songs and the rest of the music I keep locked inside the drawer, are literally parts of my body and psyche; they have inspired me to become who I am, they have kept me going through tough situations, they have defined me more than I have defined them.


Tagged as Electronic Introducing Skauss. And lastly, do you have any shows or appearances in the works? So, Skauss encapsulates my lifelong pursuit of meaning, of the reasons why, of the never-ending quest for perfection and ultimately self-awareness. View more Who TF is emzae? Father had always been an outlet for whatever remnants of religion were left in me.

Skauss – who am i

So, to talk about Skauss is to talk about the mask. Despite being a sometimes raging atheist, I grew up a devout Christian and had remained one for the bigger part of my life. Read whp Who TF is emzae? While searching for my identity each song went through its own saga of countless revisions.

Βασικό μενού

This multi-layering had gone into the final writing of Father. Father Notre Dame Sskauss Remix. Skauss – Whoami was featured on Reader. Even deciding which ones to release in the first place, out of a pool of songs I have been working on these past 10 years, was hard and felt like self-sacrifice; when you spend so much time so closely attached to the same music you begin to attribute skuss properties to it. View more Who TF are Delagrave?


Skauss – Who am I? by chadnyc | Free Listening on SoundCloud

So, coming up next should wh the reveal for the 2nd album, provided someone finds it and decides to share it with the world. Sections of this page. Well, not literally, but in case you are wondering it took me over a year to build and is covered in gold!

To read the review: A bit too techno sounding for me though.

To listen to Whoami: It’s like, soundscapes with a bunch of weirdness and such. Could you skauzs us a bit about yourself? Skauss howls to the moon for ‘Father’ with new song. Naturally, so many quality band…. Father started out a completely different song and went through many forms throughout the years, always retaining its religious connotations though. Plus lots of invitations to be confirmed.

Available soon on all streaming platforms.