So how is this project going? If it turns out to be the ADCs then let me know. Browsing All Articles Articles. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. I tried to start SigmaStudio in compatibility mode without effect. Have you actually tested this?

sigmastudio 3.7

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Thanks for posting the picture. Site Search Log in. Embed this content in your HTML. Here is the schematic and script I’m using:.

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Processors and DSP More. Let me know where you stand with your project and I can give you some more details as needed. I also ran a script of: This version also does something different with the LED on sitmastudio board.

They are not there when there is a signal being processed. Control value names are not exposed in the user interface and vary among toolbox blocks.

ADAU1772 Sigma Studio script tool not working

I don’t mind removing a few components if needed. Can you advice on choosing your chip set which got similar or better features compared to DAC I am trying to use the script tool to control a dB Volume Slider value for the Can ADE be used aigmastudio measure phase difference in a 3-Phase supply?


sigmastudio 3.7

There should be a new source. I ran the same thing in another project with a device with no problems at all and the slider updates when I run the same exact script:. I will report here ASAP if it works. It is only when you are sending a low level noise floor into the converters. If you have an external controller then you can control many functions using the uC.

This will reduce your sigmxstudio slightly but I think that will not be a problem.

I did find the following excerpt from the sigma studios script manual:. The interface details are slightly different.

sigmastudio 3.7

Since you are using this as a crossover to a speaker you will have a lot of gain so this is why you are able to hear them so easily.

The following is a list of standard names; please contact ADI for additional information and assistance. If you get any error, finding the faulty block or connection can be tedious, expecially on large projects.


If it turns out to be the ADCs then let me know. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Do you have a recommended configuration? We will be using external power supply to boot the signal which is at the later stages.

ą¹SigmaStudio USBi Emulator /ADI-USBI Development Suite – a

Because the filter coefficients need to be changed. What you are hearing is what 3.7 called “Idle Tones”. I’m also greatly concerned because the datasheet for the AD was last updated in ! You mentioned where you were not able to control it with a microcontroller and one where you could.

Table 68 in the datasheet lists the addresses where you can read the values. EngineerZone Uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience in our community.