Sande Android Fan Posts: I’m told this will be fixed in the next release which should be in around 2 weeks. You can also register a Facebook App. Can’t wait to try it in the morning. Hi again MacApple Can you post your line you have i you app delegate.

scringo sdk

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Comments The “post to feed ” messages are hard coded for when the app performs a certain action so those won’t be changed without changing in the code.

scringo sdk

Jan 30, usa 11, Comments Hey sepala Please make sure to add the following import line to the file: They are great bunch of guys.

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Comments Thanks for all of your help. Iam ready to start.

No Comments in the scringo plist file? I have it installed on my app for iOS and droid and it is working great. Feb 15, Montreal 10, Comments Hi, working on a tutorial for Scringo and Buzztouch users Thanks Trying to put the final touches on this thanks. Is this only in older versions of BT?


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Scringo Macapple, Is there a way to update the feed as an over the air push rather than an Apple update. Comments Scringo Macapple, Is there a way to update the feed as an over the air push rather than an Apple update. Mac thanks for that last post. I really just want to be able to start conversations with my users. By the way, if you want to scriingo the popup to be sdl every time someone is launching your app, just put the value 2 in the WelcomePopupMode field in the Scrinbo.

D Comments I know that I am becoming annoying with this, but I have one more question for now. Comments Hasn’t been a post here in a while, but I figured I’d try my luck.

Scringo sdk download

Comments i’m excited to try this out next week in my app. Hi everyone, I’m Elon from the Scringo team.

scringo sdk

Just below this line: The possible values for this field are: Scringk can confirm that the Android SDK is closed beta at the moment. Password I forgot my password.


scringo sdk for android

You can also register a Facebook App. Comments Getting Scringo sorted out Rad Doc Scingo Fan Posts: Elon has been very helpful: Apr 30, Philadelphia 2, Remind me what line?

I will do it for you. Thanks for the share.

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Where do you put it? I just came to that realization and deleted the project.

scringo sdk

Hey my good man!