Here you learn how to change the resolutions of the windowed mode. Quality frags I will be on this weekend though, if u want to record me doing uber stuff like shooting myself with a shock combo. F3 – Goes into Pathedit Mode. UnrealZA – Archive – Top. For capturing, you’ll need something like Fraps, which I use and recommend. You have two possibilities to control the Cams movement speed. K – Switches to Speccam from the current location.


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Quality frags I will be on this weekend though, if u want to record me doing uber stuff like shooting myself with a shock combo. Numpad5 – Creates a new Campoint. For editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro, which is for professional editing and works really well, but you can also use things like Pinnacle. The objective rypelcak RypelCam is to improve and enhance the playback of UT3 demos, while giving special attention to features for movie makers. Rypepcam Campoint’s time for the ‘timed path’ mode will not be changed by this.

Notice that setting multiple Campoints while the demo is paused will break the timed path.

Rypelcam tutorial [vid]

Enabling Console Enabling Console Turorial page. Rtpelcam soon as you unpause ‘ArrowDown’ the demo, the camera will start its self-controlled path. Find More Posts by 13073Haja.



You have two possibilities rtpelcam control the Cams movement speed. Installing Maps Map Installation Guide page. Getting Started Here you will find all guides that will help you get the game up rypdlcam running. UpArrow – Sets Demospeed to normal. The difference is that the right mousebutton will teleport the speccam to your current location unlike the ‘k’ key, which will teleport you to the speccam instead and ‘k’ doesent work in some situations.


RypelCam uses some keys on your keyboard by default, a keybind overview is included at the end of this tutorial. To create a Campoint fly with the speccam to a point in the map where you want to set a Campoint and then hit ‘Numpad5’. Server Hosting Here you will find out how to host your own server. You can read more about timing in chapter 4.

In some situations you might want to change the way the Campoints are connected. Here, you find out how to host you own server! Campoints are RypelCam’s “keypoints” that you place in the map to define the way your Camera should take.

To view it either hit the right mousebutton or the ‘k’ key. Tribes Vengeance master server and version check protocol information Technical guide about T: It will cycle through 3 different draw modes everything invisible, everything visible, only Campoints but not the path between them visible.


With Pathedit mode you can rypelcamm the bending of the path between selected cam points in order to turn sharper or softer.


First you have to hit ‘F3’ to enable the Pathedit mode. It can happen that RypelCam doesent allow the creation of a new Campoint, sending a warning message in the console.

When you activate the Cam with ‘Numpad3’ it will automatically put you in the Cam view and begin to travel along the path. And you can load a Campath with ‘F5’. Find More Posts by Scrye.

[UT3] RypelCam UT3 Edition v

This view mode replicates the original player inputs and contains various enhancements for vehicle turrets, deployables or the roll movement of the scavenger. This already completes a basic Campath.


The spectating distance can be adjusted with the ‘W’ or ‘S’ keys. RighArrow – Speeds the Demospeed up. If you want to make your Cam a littlebit more unique and dynamic you can assign different roll and field of view values for your Campoints.