Then, load blank LightScribe media label face up in the input bin. In the lowest dropdown menu called Save as type: You are now ready to enjoy the convenience. When shipping the subsystem for service, you agree to insure the Duplicator, to prepay shipping charges, and to use the original shipping container or equivalent. Your sole remedy shall be repair or replacement, with new or refurbished components, as provided in this Limited Warranty. Guide de l’utilisateur – More information. All of the discs need to be level with the sides of the stack straight.

roboracer ls duplex utility

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Fill out the disc name if needed, and when ready, press the Burn button at the lower right. This will allow you to save the image to your computer s hard drive see step 3. Reject Disc Position This position is the lowest position the motor arm will move to position 2.

Place a Disc output bin and bin holder into the upper output bin suplex. An automatically generated image path. When finished adding files, click the Next button. Leave the final Nero menu without pressing the Print button. Refer servicing to authorized personnel only.

Installing the Aleratec DVD/CD RoboRacer LS Duplex on a Windows computer

After the image file is created successfully the source disc will be ejected and the first blank disc will load and begin burning. This equipment has been tested and More information. Click the Browse button to make any changes. Demo Mode Is a mode that will cycle discs thru the RoboRacer movements without writing on or labeling the discs.


This manual is copyright with all rights reserved. Add any data file by using the Add duplez or by dragging and dropping a file or files into the large white area. Disc Input Bin 6.

Roboracer ls duplex utility download

Make sure that the bin does not touch the edge of the desk or table surface. The next disc will be loaded into the top drive to begin the burning process. After selecting your print quality and number of copies, do not press the Print rlboracer instead leave the menu running in the background. To provide quality customer service and technical support, it is suggested that you keep the.

The first mode, Copy Disc, will do data disc burning.

roboracer ls duplex utility

The default name is aleratec. The Nero screen should be similar to this: High Performance Cooling Fan B. In the Open document browse to the LightScribe label created previously, select it and click Open.

roboracer ls duplex utility

Go back to the window with all the install options and run the install for the LightScribe System Software and Microsoft. Also, make sure to not place the over the edge, as the weight of the discs may result in a fall. Completed discs will be loaded in the lower output position.


Start display at page:. The next display you will see is a label printing screen.

Optical Wireless Mouse Model: The next step is to specify where Nero should save the image file. JavaScript is disabled This site requires JavaScript to work correctly, so you must first enable JavaScript in your browser to proceed. To abort an operation in progress, you must either press the Cancel button or close and restart the application.

USER GUIDE. Aleratec DVD/CD RoboRacer LS Duplex Win/Mac. Part No

They have three positions available; up position 0eject position 1discard position 2. Follow the prompts in the wizard to install the software. The Load Top Disc button will eject the drive tray and activate the disc loading mechanism causing a disc to drop into the top drive tray.