It is super convenient to slow down music, regulate pitch and get great accuracy. Riffmaster Pro pdf files have the e-books and printable material. With the purchase of RiffmasterPro Windows version you get a license key that can be used in two machines, and with Mac version you can install the program twice. The app is designed by musicians for musicians and it is aimed at mastering any solo guitar, any guitar riff or any song chords note by note in a faster mode than ever before with precision and simplicity. Who is it for? Riffmaster Pro is a piece of software that instantly slows down any guitar solo or riff while retaining the original pitch. This bonus pack can be downloaded instantly clicking on the link in the welcome email you receive after purchase.

riffmaster pro 4

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The test drive is exciting and it is worth giving it a try if you are looking for something innovative and powerful so that you are completely set and satisfied previous to making a final decision.

Review Contents 1 What is it? Every guitarist pgo benefit from working with RMP, from beginner, intermediate to advance players.

Riff Master Pro Review – The Musician’s Secret Weapon

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Now, the other half of the Riff Master Pro review; the things you should consider before buying the Riff Master Pro software. This will also affect riffmastsr ability to decipher keys and scales. The sound is distortion free and uses the latest in time stretch technology.

So it is wise to follow the advice and try it for yourself before you buy RiffmasterPro. It is also available on iPhone and iPad. Reaper costs significantly more than RiffMaster Pro and is designed to do a hell of a lot more than speed up or slow down songs, so it can be a bit awkward if you just want to slow down a song.


One more important thing to be considered is that using this application you riffmasger export an adjusted loop or a whole track in the plain and basic way you send any rpo. With all this extra material, you will be able to enlarge your knowledge and learn new techniques and tricks.

In the old days of tapes, slowing a song meant changing the pitch properties. Do you intend to just learn covers? This bonus pack can be downloaded instantly clicking on the link in the welcome email you receive after purchase.

riffmaster pro 4

Guitar students are listening to a lot of songs, doing their best to train their ear by tuning their guitar by ear, listening for the notes or even singing the notes, while not mentioning the constant practice lessons required to fine-tune their guitar skills. Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted. It will develop only the skills needed to learn prearranged songs at a low speed. Rkffmaster thought about Joe Satriani sitting next to you and singing riff after riff so that you could follow him?

Riffmaster Pro Review – Learn guitar riffs and solos with ease

I created this website to share my knowledge and as a means for people to learn the guitar for free. In rffmaster early days of playing guitar I found it impossible to work out these fast runs. If you want to slow it down to riffmatser per-cent, you can do that as well.

While many guitar amateurs are ready to give up, users riffmastter Riff Master Pro are enjoying the benefits of a software product which is cheapreliableaccurate and able to instantly slow down a guitar riff without changing the pitchresulting in great learning capabilities, making Riff Master Pro the perfect guitarist software made by a guitarist for his students. You simply load the any of your songs or tracks you want to work with and you will experience a lot of fun enjoying the magic of playing by ear.


If you want to slow the track down to eighty per-cent of its original speed, you can.

After seeing the videos I should also say I was surprised because the application is definitely very easy to handle no matter your music knowledge. Click here to find out how you can learn over riffmastef fingerpicking songs, 40 strumming songs, over of my absolute best guitar tutorials AND get a free copy of my 5 star fingerpicking book delivered to your door.

Riffmaster Pro Download – Riffmaster Pro Free Download

Riffmaster Pro is not JUST for guitarists, its use is universal, regardless of your instrument, your skill level, or the type or gender of music you play. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Almost every feature and aspect of the app is available for you to test-drive. Even the zoom feature allows you to find a specific phrase that you are interested to work on, down to the note, making tabs part of history and softwares like Riff Master Pro indispensable for guitar learning sessions.

riffmaster pro 4

Who is it for? The makers of Riffmaster Pro have a PayPal option which is always useful. It does it pretty well. I used to use Reaper which is a Digital Audio Workstation to slow down songs for me. Join Us On Social Networks. Overall, it does work well.