To prevent automated spam submissions leave this field empty. Since what you said before, creating a sourceUrl datatype property with OIWLExporter for an ontology containing just “source” wouldn’t add that axiom, right? I could find them all in just one of them. Submitted by massic80 on Thu, Fixed issue where invalid upload query renders application disabled.

protege 3.4.4

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Cleaned up some UI status messaging.

protege 3.4.4

Added On Restart to application update reminder options. Various minor bug fixes.

Protégé 3.4.8 and Windows 10

I find out documents’ “metadata”, like authors, from a table in the first page. Waiting for an acknowledgment: Fixed issue protefe invalid upload query renders application disabled. Fixed issue where configuration fails due to premature check on application data file. Submitted by massic80 on Tue, Upgraded Sqlite assemblies to 1.

[jade-develop] RE: Protege Ontology – use of optional slots

Added ability to easily add different Email Service Providers. Can the import and export ontologies in runtime parameters be the same?


protege 3.4.4

Semantics for the Masses. Improved performance of some slow reiterative code. Merging the two ontologies? Thanks for the n-th time! What’s the difference in saying true or false?

I lrotege also let you use my computer with Teamviewer or any remote desktop U’d prefer to make the tries: Added several configuration options. If you run into problems doing this and I can help you. Transitioned application registry settings to an XML configuration file. I could also show them to you, if you need that.

[jade-develop] Protege Ontology how to include external classes like Date or HashMap?

Except where otherwise noted, all original content on this site is copyright by its author and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2. Submitted by massic80 on Thu, Changed Sqlite resource paths. If you don’t have your Upgrade Code handy, contact us. I figure out the first is an ontology importing problem, but how did you prrotege it?

Back in the time Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, Regarding the question on adding new properties, I think you might be confused on the purpose of Ontology Learning vs. No upcoming events available. Added minor performance improvements.


Loading ontology with imports in java with Protege

I also have some minor correction and protegf to suggest for documentation We welcome any improvements to the documentation. OWLExporter, with a 3.4 If you want to discover new ontology classes and relations from text, you need an ontology learning tool, like Text2Onto, which is also based on GATE.

Added results retrieval statistics to internal logs. Fixed screen scaling and some other minor issues. If you have any questions after reading through the release information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Changed logging timestamps to UTC to allow for users in different time zones.