Each with different abilities. They run away from you and act cute as they climb things. As the Minecraft server software will ignore custom content from client side, most of the client mods which add new content to the game do not work in SMP unless a modification has also been installed on the server. Or it could be a snack. Hop, crash and smash through the world in style! A complex mod that adds many new mobs, items, blocks and structures with new sound effects and original music to Minecraft.

pogo stick mod 1.2.5

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Useful if you always get lost. Every harm jump you make, 5 durability is taken from the pogo. This mod will use the fonts installed on your system for drawing text instead of the builtin bitmap fonts that come with Minecraft. Difficulties in the game adds random generation of levels and traps, such as: ModLoader and AudioMod and many of the functional client mods e.

Zombies Got a Pogo [MOD] V APK – Unlimited Money Mod APK Download

Turbo Model Thingy is a collection of classes that make it possible to create more advanced shapes in Minecraft. Introduces a new item to Minecraft, sitck Ball mid Magic Yarn. Allows for an X-Ray use that allows the player to see through dirt, stone, gravel, Etc.


Minecraft ModsMods 1. This mod adds a nametag over the head of all mobs showing how much health they have left. Great Pixel art and characters design with smooth animations will provide awesome experience while playing the game.

It also adds 4 new plants, 6 items and 3 blocks.

pogo stick mod 1.2.5

All in this one mod, you poo collect new never before coded items, which can attack, or help, and even mobs will become your friends, but pog, in this case, YOUR ENEMY! This mod adds in-game programmable computers, where, with knowledge of Lua programming, you can create a truly program interface. Paid for free Free purchase. This mod adds Pogosticks! A complex mod that adds many new mobs, items, blocks and structures with new sound effects and original music to Minecraft.

Adds new ways to construct your models. Any mods for the current major release and later should be kept on the main mods page. Allows the app to record audio with the microphone. Clay Soldiers at your service! Some authors of client mods have made server versions of their mods available, and others have not. All vanilla Minecraft achievements are possible with worlds generated with this mod. Mine Fantasy adds a range of new blocks, items and features into minecraft surrounding a medieval context.

A number of flexible classes that extend the functionality of vanilla blocks and items, and a JSON parser that reads in one or more configuration files and turns them into in-game content.


This adds a new world type called ztick, which changes the amount of dirt blocks before bedrock, from 3 to In essence, speeds up time around you while in bed. Are you tired of being lulled to sleep by the plains, deserts and rolling mountains of your average Minecraft surface world?

pogo stick mod 1.2.5

Shows a minimap in the corner of the screen with configurable waypoints and other options. Dynamic Elevators adds an easy to build, redstone free option for your vertical travel needs. Shows the surrounding environment with possibility to indicate the position of some specific materials like diamond or iron or whatever you want. Simple and Easy, Just one click to add the stickers to your WhatsApp collection! It adds in platinum tools, armor, and other cool stuff.

If it fixes a bug in “vanilla” Minecraft, put it in Fixes. Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. These small soldiers will fight back at other clay soldiers making this mod, a perfect arena against other soldiers.

Single Player Commands is a mod that adds commands to your single player worlds.