When Self-Service isn’t Enough Sometimes, clients won’t find their answer in the knowledge base. PHPKB knowledge base software makes publishing, sharing and collaborating on knowledge easy. If a feature is requested that seems useful to a lot of people, it will most likely be included in the next update of our knowledge base software. We will require the ability to remotely connect to your web server and database server. Please note that you are under no obligation to pay for future support and upgrades, you own your license, it is only if you want support and upgrades at the end of your free year. We are using it from over a year now and we are fully satisfied.

phpkb knowledge base software

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Best Knowledge Management Software Updated software documentation and usage manual released. Using a large array of features, a few of which are highlighted below, you keep costs down while keeping productivity up.

phpkb knowledge base software

The ‘Instant Suggestions’ feature will search your knowledgebase articles for suggested solutions as your customers are composing new support tickets. If they go through the online form, they will be presented with a list of articles that may be of help.

phpkb Knowledge Base Software

PHPKB knowledge base software allows your customers to easily submit support tickets. The quickest possible way to have answer for your sales questions is to contact one of our sales representative via Live Chat button at the bottom-right corner of the page or by calling at the phone numbers below.

Enterprise Editions with SQL Server support are unavailable for hosted trial, and if needed, please request a downloadable trial, instead. It lets us manage public articles, FAQs and documents, as well as private areas for select customers to provide personalized project documentation, training materials etc.


Make the switch today and establish yourselves as the pioneers of good customer support. Best Knowledge Management Software.

Features of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software | Knowledge Management Software

Overview of PHPKB Knowledge Management Software PHPKB is a knowledge base software that helps your company to share information with your customers or employees on company public website or Intranet with a professional-grade searchable, customizable and brand-able knowledge base platform, substantially reducing the number of customer support inquiries, improving staff productivity and dramatically reducing time your staff or customers spend now searching for information across multiple systems such as poorly organized websites, shared folders and paper documents.

Set access restrictions for all teams and staff groups. Featured Articles Featured articles are similar to ‘sticky threads on forums’ in a sense that they are listed above normal articles, so that your visitors can easily notice them. Our knowledge base management software facilitates the creation of an expansive, searchable database of common customer support requests and their resolutions; available for self-service by clients and linked to support requests by technicians and administrators.

A knowledge base is designed to organize and present the most commonly asked customer questions and an explanation of how to solve them. Very Easy to Install Got 5 minutes – got less? Customer satisfaction is improved and customer support workload is reduced. Knowledge base articles can be voted upon based on their usefulness to the user. If you wish to opt for Premium Plan that includes free upgrades in the first year itself, you can do so from your customer area.

The results of your search will be listed below. PHPKB knowledge base software is the most user-friendly self-help system available in the market today.

phpkb knowledge base software

The web-based self-help interface makes it easy for customers to find answers to their own problems instead of sending emails, submitting support tickets or calling your customer support department.


Managing a comprehensive knowledge base has never been easier. The knowledge base pypkb gives a comprehensive, searchable database of common customer submitted issues and customer support requests and resolutions. We have improved our Knowledge base.

phpkb Knowledge Base Software – ‘s Best Help Desk Software

Over five years, I can’t recall the system ever being down, and the PHPKB team has been outstanding and very responsive with knowlfdge support.

Create a category and attach sub-categories to a parent category. Use Internally and Externally Your content can be used externally for customers but also internally for your customer support team.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive an email with confirmation of your order.

phpkb knowledge base software

PHPKB knowledge base software helps you share documentation and procedures internally and familiarize your new staff members with product details so that they can be up and running more quickly.

PHPKB software offers a fully-featured glossary management facility where you can create and manage the list of glossary terms along with their definitions.

Contact Details Chadha Software Technologies http: Enterprise class features with the pricing that can fit a small business budget. Keep your customers, prospects and visitors riveted when your knowledge base content is delivered fast, smooth basr hiccup-free with PHPKB knowledge base software. For the app, also carefully consider your reporting needs.

This makes it easy for your visitors to find answers and backwards navigation.