Use Rufus to make a bootable USB any linux distro and report back? It keeps saying one key recovery is corrupted and doesnt launch boot menu. Never experienced such an error, you can try the following: The above method does not support your model. A sign of no bios is — the screen would remain black no matter what.

phoenix wincris

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Thank you for your prompt update. Else, you need to first confirm if its your BIOS or something else. For some reason, the files needed for the BIOS update are not available.

Are you sure it is a phoenix one? Check with your local technician to confirm. And still nothing happened. Thanks lot for eply.

[V] Phoenix BIOS Crisis Recovery Procedure – Fujitsu Support Forum

Please help me if you have some savior solution for my laptop. Did you try formatting the disk and performing a clean install? Can you tell me how to find the BIOS version? Hello jay, i the link is dead again.


phoenix wincris

So should I give the update a try? If you do it right, it must fix it.

Phoenix Bios Crisis Recovery NO FLOPPY(YES)

Please try using a different USD drive Reply. Running Win 7 Pro on everything. I think it could not read bios file. Dear Jay, I was not capable of finding a bios.

In that case, you need to get your bios chip verified by a technician. Try renaming the extension to.

phoenix wincris

What will I do??? A screenshot of the menu would be helpful. I would suggest you to Google the key combination for your specific model to choose boot device. Will fix it ASAP.

How To Fix Lenovo BIOS Failure [PHOENIX BIOS]

I tried every step but my USB is not detecting. No, as per the tutorial you are supposed to extract the contents of BIOS file. Spadework Archive contained this files: Or simply google for the whp file for your model. A sign of no bios is — the screen would remain black no matter what. Ya i insert correct file inside my pendrive. Does this work for any phoenix Bios?


Look for it in the lenovo winncris forums.

Also, is your laptop dead as a result of a failed BIOS update? EXE is Phoenix flasher, all other stuff needed to make bootable media from yours flash drive. The link is fine now. In my case it was made by restoring F-S bootable CD-image file system with help of R-Studiobut I think that other tools of the same sort can handle it as well.

Sorry this method does phoehix work for the model you have specified.