Yes, my password is: I add Channel Align and then render. SkyDude and williarob like this. This is what works for me. Close PF Clean when you are done for the day, so that it can be opened fresh next time you are ready to work on it. Never had a problem with it.

pfclean tutorial

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Yes, my password is: Now in stage two I do my cleanning. Jedi1Nov 17, It pcflean awesome doing it that way. I can’t speak for Mac versions, but on the PC, basically you can run all the automated actions, but can’t do any manual work, because their display driver doesn’t work. Never use Quicktime files!

Close PF Clean when you are done for the day, so that it can be opened fresh next time you are ready to work on it. Your name pfcleean email address: I just cleaned frames with this method.

Anyone stuck, or having issues, will definitely be tktorial help and advice here. If you have a different workflow or think it should be done differently then let me know. At this point I render out to dpx into a temp folder and then create a new project from that folder.


PFClean | The Pixel Farm Ltd.

It functions perfect this way as long as the above effects are rendered first. I didn’t realize you could stack renders like that.

It is designed to do exactly what you are doing: I’m not sure it matters, but I selected “External” and pointed it to a folder on a dedicated fast SSD drive, not used for any other purpose. I just assumed the render button would just render the whole stack every time.

It works on my computer. I add Channel Align and then render. It shouldn’t matter if Channel Align and Auto Stabilize are done in the reverse order but I belive they should always be done before Auto De-Flicker and then any cleaning. Thanks for the tip. I do all my work in two passes.

Unfortunately, to get the best use of this program, you need to have a dedicated GPU card. I have a GB M2 drive. Discussion in ‘ Tutorials ‘ started by Jedi1Nov 17, Mid 15″ MacBook Pro, Quad core i7 2.


It may be that selecting Internal, disables this? That’s what I do on my other workstation and it did speed things up noticeably.

PFClean Tutorials

Here is some ttuorial footage provided by The Pixel Farm: Now, it is probably possibly to use a mobile GPU, but don’t have anything to test that with. Now when adding Stabilize PFClean acts as if the above render is the actual source files. You can also go to settings and clear the cache.

pfclean tutorial

This is the first place to start. With this above workflow, crashes are rare and it runs very smoothly on my system.

pfclean tutorial

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.