SehraWedding SehraSandwich davsehra folknfunky punjabi punjabiwedding. Another big album for K S Makhan was Muskaan. Come check it out at www. Punjeeri was an outstanding album and it featured the instant classic Pind Diyan Galliyan Di. We have finally put all our shower curtains in one place. An amazing track — from production, composition and melody through to lyrics and vocals. This track when it got released really stood out.

pawarey teri akh de sohniye free punjabi songs

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Comment below on what Classic jazzyb video you want to see uploaded next onto Youtube! Paqarey was an incredibly talented singer who featured mostly in the second half of the last decade.

Midas Touch featured the massive dance floor anthem Chal Hun. He predominantly worked with the Envy camp of producers who were responsible for his biggest tracks. Miss Pooja really took the industry by storm. This guy was responsible for nearly all zohniye the major hit tracks throughout the s. Hoye Hoye 2 Artist: Karan MC has got to be one of the most unique vocalists to every come into the scene.

To me, you are an extraordinary artist whose life is a work of art. The production and track was amazing; i can still remember those classic videos. I first heard him on the track Sah Rukh Da and really liked the vibe of the track.


That was a collaboration with Harjit Heera.

He would release one more album within that decade being Billo Rani pawraey An album that contained another modern classic anthem. She is very musically aware having studied music.

Do zulfan de naag jazzy b

He is also set to release Londono Patola Reloaded this month. That is what really rocketed him.

pawarey teri akh de sohniye free punjabi songs

He had some big dance floor songs as well as great tracks that you can just sit back, listen and enjoy. Jazzy B always changes his style to keep up with the times; sohjiye with his looks or music. It was as time when the music videos were very questionable however the music was the focus; and it was damn good.

He would also work with the very talented producer AMX on a number of projects; one in particular was titled Folk Magic. This album is produced by the music man sukshindershinda 1.

Boliyan Desh Punjab Da (Punjabi Folk Songs) by Jazzy B – Download or Listen Free Only on JioSaavn

It was a very catchy pumjabi and the production was very modern. Another big album for K S Makhan was Muskaan. He was scheduled to have his own solo album out as well however the status of that album is unknown as of this point. Gurdas Maan has had a number of classic songs throughout his illustrious career.


pawarey teri akh de sohniye free punjabi songs

Jassi Sidhu definitely left his mark on the UK industry throughout the decade and was one of the leading voices and artists championing the UK sound.

SehraWedding SehraSandwich davsehra folknfunky punjabi punjabiwedding. The album also featured a variety of music styles and inspirations. Releasing at the end of the decade, Show Time pawqrey a remix of his track Dhoor alongside some other tracks. Paisa was one of my favourite albums by Manak-E and it featured some creative tracks.

We have so many! He would go on to work with other producers such as DJ Swami who released another hit track in — Desi Rock. This was a Kam Frantic production. Let me know what you think and tell me your favourites in the comments below and follow me on Twitter as well:. Sukshinder Shinda developed with his sound both musically and vocally upon each release.