Click E-mail in any window to send an e-mail message with an attached HTML file of the window to the designated e-mail address. Server Administrator provides information about: You must be logged in as root or an equivalent user to perform the procedures. The security settings for your browser may prevent the execution of client-side scripts that are used by Server Administrator. Use the Command log to monitor all of the commands issued by Server Administrator users. Server Administrator Web Server Action Tabs The following are the action tabs that are displayed when you log in to manage the Server Administrator web server: Monitors the system, provides rapid access to detailed fault and performance information and allows remote administration of monitored systems, including shutdown, startup, and security.

openmanage server administrator 8.2

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Temperature Probe Warning The temperature is approaching excessively high or low limits. Server Administrator monitors chassis intrusion status as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your system’s critical components.

Memory device prefailure sensors monitor memory modules by counting the number of ECC memory corrections. Server Administrator monitors the temperature in a variety of locations in your system’s chassis to ensure that temperatures inside the chassis do not become too high. System Tree The system tree appears on the left side of the Server Administrator home page and lists the components of your system that are viewable.


For information about accessing this. The file you are downloading is very large. Only latest version of the backup XML file is available in the mentioned locations.

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Version 8.2

Additionally, when the command line interface CLI is invoked, the Server Administrator authentication administrtaor validates the context within which the current process is running.

The Internet Options window is displayed.

openmanage server administrator 8.2

Use the omconfig command to reenter the URL. Open the Computer Management window. To change the default SNMP community name used for retrieving management administtator from a system running Server Administrator: Server Administrator also monitors memory redundancy information if your system supports this feature. To access the Command log, click System, click the Logs tab, and click Command.

Memory Click the Memory object to manage your system’s memory devices. Factory reset is not possible after a web server update. You must be logged in with Administrator privileges to reset the BMC settings.

Select the possible values: The possible values of rank are single, dual, quad, octal, and hexa. Other task buttons are included on specific Server Administrator windows. For a factory reset, reinstall the Server Administrator. See Managed System Preferences.

Support for Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Version | Overview | Dell US

The following table shows the systems management standards that are available for each supported operating system. The information displayed in the data area of the action window can range from system logs to status indicators to system probe gauges.


WMI functions are then invoked to execute the software update. You must specify the full path for both the cmd. What can we help you to find es-search Submit Administratr. The action window contains three functional areas: New werver can log in to Dell OpenManage software using their operating system user privileges.

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator file directory traversal

Sample Server Administrator Home Page — Modular System Clicking an object in the system tree opens a corresponding action window for that object. Export To save a text file containing the log data with the values of each data field separated by a customizable delimiter to a destination you specify. To update web server, browse to thewsupdate folder and then run the following command: How do I know what version of Server Administrator is running on my system?

openmanage server administrator 8.2

ESXi authentication transactions with Server Administrator are also direct interactions with the vmwarehostd process. Else, the BIOS settings appear in a read-only mode. Management applications must have access to this branch of the MIB tree to manage systems running Server Administrator.