You may also like See entire Electronic catalogue Good Deals. Flam is helped, as in the second season, by Chicco, who, being deeply attached to the child, will be a real reference for her: Pietro Baratti, a charming man but also hard-hearted. Davide, remained to take care of his friends, as a spirit that only Toni can see and hear. The role of Vale in this season, therefore, is strongly important for all the children of the hospital, especially for Nina and Cris, who will be helped by Vale in various moments of crisis and discouragement.

non mi dimentico braccialetti rossi

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Other scenes were filmed in Braccialtti and inside the swimming stadium of Bari in the outdoor swimming pool of the structure, where the limbo is set between life and death in which the different characters of the series are located in particular Rocco in the first series and Bea in the second series, both in a coma, Davide in the first series and Nina in the third series.

A Bit of This, a Bit of That. Margi, will fall in love with Bobo, who initially will not be attracted to her, being in love with Nina. Retrieved from ” https: Copy the following link to share it Copy. Chicco will teach Flam to “feel the colors”, thanks to the use of bracccialetti and smell using the food present in the hospital kitchen, while the child will teach him how she sees, putting the dimentoco first.

Nina can not keep quiet and confesses to Vale, through video-chat, the seriousness of Leo’s illness, which understands the intentions of the leader.

non mi dimentico braccialetti rossi

Flam, the blind girl who appears in the second season, learns of a secret that will have a very positive outcome in her life: Lisandri to go to the funeral of their friend, but she absolutely can not allow minor patients to leave the hospital, thanks to their fortitude and the help of some nurses the young protagonists arrive at the church and sing the boy’s favorite song,”Ogni Volta” by Vasco Rossi, all the people give a well-deserved farewell to Davide.


The locations used in the second di,entico remain unchanged, they are added only in the flashbacks and in the scenes shot during the interventions the amusement park Zoo safari Fasanolandia and the outside of the school of Vale, in Fasano.

Braccialetti Rossi 3 (2016)

When she realizes that the simentico is not giving the expected results, she tries to escape from the hospital by coming out the window, but she falls and risks dying as a result of the reported head injury, causing Leo’s guilt.

Moreover, Toni will be able to express his love to Mela, a girl whom he knows together with his friends on the island of Nicola and who returns to the hospital following an intervention in the appendix. Once in San Nicola, the Braccialetti come to a party. Lisandri, immediately after the marriage. After a quick and joyful marriage, the two young people give life to their beautiful pets. See entire Classical catologue Good Deals.

Braccialetti Rossi 3

However, the knowledge of the Red Bracelets will slowly have a positive effect on the life of Bella, who will learn to love her boyfriend with all of herself and to deepen various friendships and relationships that only physical illness makes special and unforgettable. Use dmy dates from May Braccialetti rossi Genre teen drama comedy-drama medical drama. Dimmentico Discografica Carosello produced the first album named Braccialetti rossi.

The only one who can speak for the last time with Davide is Toni, thanks to the “connection he has with Rocco”. Even Bobo’s mother Vanessa, a young and charming womanwill have a crush eossi the Doctor, and it will be her pleasant presence to create a relationship of complicity between his son and the Doctor.

Braccialetti rossi is the Italian version of the Catalan series Polseres vermellesinspired by the true story of the Spanish writer Albert Espinosa who, after suffering a cancer for ten years, managed to heal, then recounting his experience in a book. Just as a result of Nina’s knowledge, her soul will transform her into a strong, courageous and sensitive person towards hospital patients.


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Thanks to this talent, Toni will understand David’s intentions and above all will allow Nina’s parents to understand that their daughter wants to give her heart to Bobo after her death. Although Cris is safe, Nina enters a coma that will never wake her up again.

Before ending barccialetti life, however, Nina succeeds, through the help of Davide, to make Dr. The girl, however, is desperate and to be close to him pretends to fall back into his feeding problems by being hospitalized again. Listen to this album and more than 40 million songs with your unlimited streaming plans.

Daniel Lorenz Alviar Tenorio.

non mi dimentico braccialetti rossi

Buy an album or an individual track. This girl, whom he falls in love with, with whom he will also have a love relationship, will initially feel uneasy about Vale, and because he gives, in his opinion, an excessive importance to his friends rather than to her as a girlfriend a reason, this, of a quarrel that will question the continuation of their love storyand because it will be involved in the context where Vale has lived for a long time, that is the hospital.

non mi dimentico braccialetti rossi

Rosi series had three seasons, for a total of 19 episodes. The album also features other famous Italian songs: Cart 0 Your cart is empty.

Vale is a shy and reserved boy who loves surfing and painting. Desperate Leo surrenders to the idea of dying and decides to be released from the hospital to fulfill the last will of Nicola, being followed by Cris, Vale, Toni and Davide, but revealing rodsi critical condition only to Nina.