If you want to reach our senior staff, email staff critical-hits. Midgard has a history of empires falling and rising. I was disappointed at the lack of a poster map though. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Baba Yaga knows much, and shares enough lore and schemes to fuel the next 5 years of campaigning. Cod4 alien vs predator mod mobile antivirus software Solidworks composer trial Office communicator lync Cisco easy vpn server software Lil o cant stop Intex mobile driver Digimon battle spirit 2 ita. I played in a Dragonlance campaign.

midgard campaign setting pdf

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midgard campaign setting pdf

This chapter gets heavily into the culture and customs of the Northlanders and goes briefly into describing the various halls as well as giving adventure ideas for each. This is a nation where humans are not the most powerful race, and well, if you like fighting dragons this is where you want to be.

Each of the Seven Cities is detailed, and each has its own schtick: Instead of halflings, and gnomes, you have dragonkin dragonborngearforged warforgedkobolds and minotaurs. Questions about this project? The Midgard Setting Fill Midgard with your own creations, and supplement it with these great Midgard adventures and sourcebooks: What PDF reader do you use for iPad?

Chapter 1 This chapter discusses the seven things that make Midgard unique.

Midgard heroes for 5th edition pdf download

Fortunately, this is our 10th Kickstarter and close to our 30th crowd-funded project, so we have a good handle on what’s possible, and what sort of time to allow for normal setbacks and the friction of producing creative work.


Michele Carter With playtest, review, brainstorming, and commentary by the project patrons, this is a world that has been through the fires of creation to make a stronger steel.

Stretch goals will add even more Deep Magic to the book. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Midgard Campaign Setting PDF | Kobold Press Store

A ton of adventure ideas were given, and this region drips of potential for a rebel campaign against the draconic rulers. Also, I would have liked more focus on characters in the chapters: Information on how court is run and rules on gaining a barony, running a barony, and losing a barony are provided.

Those poor, poor, foolish gnomes. The Midgard Campaign Setting page book includes: The Clockwork domain and Hunger domain are also detailed.

midgard campaign setting pdf

It is a flat world. Everything you need to run a 5th Edition campaign in Midgard! Please allow 24 hours for the PDF code to arrive though it is usually much faster.


This region is similar to the steppes of Asia, including the Khanate of the Khazzaki, modeled after the Mongols, the gypsy-like Kariv, the nomadic Windrunner Elves, and the Rothenian Centaur Hordes. Estimated delivery Feb Kobold Press is raising funds for Midgard Campaign Setting: The history of Midgard is discussed from the creation of the world which feels like a Norse creation mythto the rise of the dwarves and elves then the humans, the Great Retreat of the elves, the Great Mage Wars and the rise of the dragons, and then the story of Baba Yaga and the gnomes.


midgard campaign setting pdf

Most importantly to campaaign though, adventure ideas were given for most of the different nations. Six years have passed; high time to update the Midgard Campaign Setting, and add Deep Magic, adventures, and player options galore! Want to keep up with the latest kobold news? Verrayne is dominated by druids that protect against goblin incursions, while Kammae Straboli is a surveillance state that has actually chained the god Nethus.

Estimated delivery Aug A special leatherette covered edition of the massive campaign book with foil stamped cover, bookmarks, endpapers, bound-in poster map and all updates midgagd the setting, in both print and PDF.

I applaud the effort that it takes to make a huge detailed fantasy settings and sell them. This camaign discusses the seven things that make Midgard unique.

Full details for Midgard races, variants, archetypes, and backgrounds—everything you need to play trollkin, ravenfolk, kobolds, and others! Magic is unreliable here and supernatural storms scour the land.