Installation This section will review various installation scenarios, as well as how to install the Content Matrix Console client application s , Organizer, Email Viewer and the Extensions Web Service. Both Organizer and the License Check can only be installed in SharePoint , , and on-premises environments. Please see the Installing the Extensions Web Service section of this document for more details and permission specifications. This would then load the license. A copy of the release notes can be found online here: This is provided for the purpose of evaluating and reviewing Content Matrix to migrate your content into SharePoint.

metalogix extensions web service

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If you are not running the Metalogix copy jobs in PowerShell you will not be affected by this issue.

Metalogix SharePoint Extensions Web Service (free version) download for PC

The User License Agreement will open. If you have NOT decommissioned your Windows Server Servers then you should purchase an Extended Sup[port agreement for these servers and actively be in the process of moving to new Hardware and Software… You can use the Windows Server Migration Planning Assistant which will walk you through a migration assessment and help you choose a Microsoft partner if you need help in the migration and decommissioning of your old hardware.

Most systems can use the Online activation method, as long metzlogix the system that Content Matrix Console is on has internet access. In looking at the error details it appears to be caused by a dialog box, this makes sense as it never creates the job or writes to any log. The second step is to remove Organizer from the environment using the Metalogix Content Matrix Setup. Now none of this changes the fact that you should really only be installing these CUs unless they apply to something you need, especially now.


Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. The page will periodically refresh to update the provisioning status. You are now presented with the “Configure Site Copying Options” dialog box which includes twelve sections, many of which spawn additional metaloggix boxes. Content Matrix allows you to migrate SharePoint by site collection, site, list, library, business unit, or department with zero downtime.

In the Database Access Credentials dialog provide the credentials that will be used to access the Organizer configuration database.

Content Matrix Advanced Installation Guide

The only resolution at this time is to revert to a previous version Metalogix Content Matrix version 7. For more information on entering license keys, please see the Installing the License Key section of this guide. The Email Viewer allows users reviewing email folders to preview emails in a web part instead of metaloogix to open each email in their default mail client usually Outlook. This connection type is available for on-premise installation, but is also available for SharePoint Online Dedicated environments by request.

There are many, many options available to you and the best way to understand them fully is to try them out for yourself.

This will open a Browse For Folder explorer window. Once the installation process has been completed, click Finish to exit the installer Wizard.

metalogix extensions web service

The below requirements are the standard set of requirements if you are installing Content Metalofix on a non-SharePoint machine i. The group is a pretty obscure group with only members: Before running an installation of the Content Matrix Console client application, please see the Basic Installation Extensjons section to better determine what installation scenario works best for you.


The items in each of the hardware and software requirement tables may have additional requirements.

metalogix extensions web service

In the most common scenario, you will be upgrading from SharePoint to SharePoint Sdrvice all open applications, including Internet Explorer. Click the Quit button in the bottom left-hand corner to exit the installer.

Select which Editions of Content Matrix Console should be installed. The Content Matrix Organizer configuration wizard will open. A Generate Activation Request dialog will be displayed. This hotfix package is no longer available due to a technical problem.

This will launch the SharePoint server side installation components If the installation of the Content Matrix Console client application s is complete and no additional components need to be installed, select the Quit button in the bottom left-hand corner to close the installer. However, there are multiple connection types for SharePoint.

This connection type is only used in Esrvice Edition for connection to a SharePoint source environment mainly a SharePoint source. Prospective client are encouraged to use this guide extenisons basic testing. Page 16 A list of check-box options will be displayed allowing users to select which Edition s of Content Matrix to include in the exgensions process.