Hardly essential or groundbreaking, but worth owning as second-line genre beefing-up-your-collection. As the song progresses, the music turns to electric guitar and Hammond organ with bluesy undertones, and progressive passages that oddly sound like they belong on a Yes album, then there’s a totally killer jam I wished was much longer, then it goes back to the acoustic beginning. Listening beyond the melodies, there are some weird rhythm patterns. In fact the album sounds like a long lost 60s archival release with a nonchalant approach to musical composition with lysergic mind trips popping in with studio effects and extended mind bending weirdness. Barely 4 stars because of the first two songs, but hey this was , and besides there’s too much here to give it anything less. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The rather pastoral folky beginning seems to prove these ominous expectations wrong but the heavy progressive organ driven rock of this German outfit comes close to what the artwork suggests.

mcchurch soundroom delusion

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The next cut, “Dream of a Drummer” is an instrumental, guitar-oriented piece that would have done much better if it wasn’t for that useless drum solo. Some classic blues rock parts get thrown in for good measure but the focus on progressive and heavy aspects. Both Trouble Parts finally resemble some Jethro Tull influence again, soumdroom unusual though regarding this time. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

This easily could have been one long track but for whatever reason they broke it up into two parts. The album ends with a two part instrumental called “Trouble” which is basically a jam, played in a rather jazzy manner with flute and Hammond organ dominating.



It opens with organ before a dark mood arrives a minute in. This solo album is a bit of a UFO in Switzerland’s early 70’s skies, with this quintet that produced an early 70’s UK proto prog, somewhere stuck between Ten Mcchjrch After’s progressive blues rock, but these guys were Alemanic Swiss except for “McChurch” their singer that is Italian-Swiss and had a fairly close feeling to Munich’s Out Of Focus as well.

You have ordered available items and not yet available items. Mcchhrch their sole album was released on the rare ultra-small Pilz label in 72, which contributes to a lot of this album legendary status of ultra-collectible, a reputation that very few albums live to, but there will be no Delusion with this one.

Therefore we souhdroom you split shipping, means available items ship immediately, pre-orders ship when the release-date has come. Trouble Part 2 5: The product is already in the wishlist! Results cached 6h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 9 items. Mccnurch Of A Drummer 9: The cover to the album is way cool, which is a picture of a skull all covered in dripping candle wax, which also clues you in on the underground nature of the album.


When listening, Keef Hartley’s ‘Halfbreed’ comes into my mind on every occasion as for a rough orientation. The rather pastoral folky beginning seems to prove these ominous expectations wrong but the heavy progressive organ driven rock of this German outfit comes close to what the artwork suggests.

mcchurch soundroom delusion

Though a Swiss band, you could swear they were British. This is the best song of the bunch in my opinion. The closing two tracks are part of the same Trouble track, an ideal space for a disguised jam with the superb flute, bass drum guitar jazzy theme. By the way the engineer on this album is none other then Conny Plank.


Decent and non-offensive to the ears with nothing to really help it stand out from the burgeoning crowds of the era.

McChurch Soundroom – Delusion

Again nothing very new, reminiscent of early TYA Undead. While drummer Norbert Jud steals the show with his energetic and eclectic percussive styles, unfortunately the rest of the band is pretty standard for the latter end of the 60s.

McChurch Soundroom’s Delusion takes a trip into the remote areas of urban life, all of it in a quite heavy fashion. Forum user Forum password. While the album begins sounding like a long lost JT album, the album is more diverse and jams quite a bit with lengthy drum soloing as on “Dream Of A Drummer” and psychedelic organ trippiness straight out of the 60s. Lead singer Sandy McChurch a guy not only nails the Ian Anderson vocal style at times but not always sounds like JT but also worships mfchurch flautist abilities as well.

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mcchurch soundroom delusion

Nice rhythm and some organ as well. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. McChurch Soundroom-Delusion German prog psych psych cd. What Are You Doin’ opens with church organ, what attracts my attraction here is the double tracked guitar in between, even implemented with delay xelusion.

Necessary soundrolm are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Dream Of a Drummer is you guessed it!!

Vocals are nearly accent-free, not a self-evident issue in these days.