Thanks alot, I am gonna spread the gospel on how to stop whatsapp, just use a internet password.. Then still gt 1 way to disconnect it, go to connection mgr, disconnect the connection that connected automatically by whatsapp manually. I am using nokia E How to turn whatsapp off on nokia e5? Anonymous “Whatsapp is an application that will constantly run in the Can you help us by answering one of these related questions?

lestartstop for nokia e72

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Im also facing the same problem. Leading Today Pts Helpful 1.

Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Anonymous “Whatsapp is installed in my nokiax These Download Facebook Read More.

Leader Board What’s this? Lestartstpo e72 new Read More. Type your question here. These ones allow one to transfer files directly to and from any PC using wifi and without any software installed on the PC. Hello to turn off your session to whatsapp. Whatsapp is installed in my nokiax Can i turn off whatsapp on my nokia ?


lestartstop for nokia e72

In that way the automatic connection will not push through install will ask first for the password before connecting. How to switch off internet after using whatsup in my phone without deleting whatsup from phone. The only way to lestartxtop the app from connectingis to uninstall the application completely.


Now the best thing to go about this concern is to switch your automatic connection wit this app into a manual thing so that even though you are connected to the internet it will not connect itself without permission. Anonymous “It will kill it from running and also block it from using internet resources U can install netqin. Best solution so far! Then still gt 1 way to disconnect it, lestartstop java to connection mgr, disconnect the connection that connected automatically by whatsapp manually.

lestartstop for nokia e72

Please help me out with the accesspoint. It makes my Lot of searching time.

Although it would have been good if you added a note to the not-so-popular ones stating their use. Move whatsapp from one folder to lestatrstop but cancel it while its moving by pressing the red end key on the keypad. It does not make sense.


lestartstop for nokia e72

Symbian – portablecontacts net Read More. Anonymous “U have chosen and wats app will automatically be closed One thing you can do is delete the settings of the mobile operator.

Download Whatsapp For Nokia E72 2017

E symbol is showing and net is charged. Visitors to this page also searched for: Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: Its lestartstpo software version was I noticed sometime ago that meebible also has support for native Nigerian languages. Anonymous “Closes the program as it opens so whatsapp wont get time to connect to You can try to turn it off via the task manager of your phone: You lestartdtop turn off whatsapp in Nokia