I have sucessfully done basic authentication in blackberry by adding HttpTransportBasicAuth class to Ksoap2 lib? So I went ahead and fixed the issue. That is how to add a attribute to a property? The attributeInfoArrayList is simply discarded. Could not find class ‘org. You talked about parsing the XML response.


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IMHO the best way to figure out how to retrieve the attributes and properties too actually is to put a breakpoint straight where you get the raw response from httpclient in your code.


Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sign up using Facebook. There were some articles saying i have to rebuild the maven project and create a new jar because there are some mistakes.

I ksoap2-androix-full-2.1.2.jar my pojos to stay independent of ksoap so I ended up not going along that approach although I have seen others using it successfully.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Thanks for your help in advance. Your library helped me!! But when i try with user defined objects it is not working.


Trying to use KSoap jar in Android project and it at compilation – Stack Overflow

Since you are pretty familiar with KSOAP2 for Android, I take ksoap2-android-full-2.1.2.jwr opportunity to ask one more question unfortunately I could not find any examples on the web. Manish Srivastava June 21, at 2: Using same webservice I created in my earlier blog: I have not taken the time to figure out whats up there. Are there any known work-arounds?


I am so sorry dear I have no more idea about xml parsing so please do some google, hope you got anything. Ok this problem is solved ; envelope. But yes… it still does have problems with soapfault parsing. So recently I have been doing a lot of Android ksopa2-android-full-2.1.2.jar and generally having a great time. You can automatically attach the MDS Simulator every time you run ksoap2-android-ffull-2.1.2.jar application by: Ideally you would not have to use my fork or even build the library yourself.

It is working well with the primitive types. Yet, it does not work.

Download ksoap2-j2me-core-2.1.2.jar : ksoap2 « k « Jar File Download

How is it possible to parse next complex types? And then addMapping of the Person to the SoapEnvelope. If anybody wants to know more, drop a line to gabor. The link should look something like this: Can you help me please?


Attribute support for KSOAP2 on Android – simpligilitysimpligility

I was looking for this for ages. VER10 ; If i examine the communication stream with Wireshark, i can see the correct answer from the ws. I just parse the xml response and build up the pojos manually with getProperty and getAttribute.

More details are on my announcement blog post. If you are Karl M Davies… please contact me.

Attribute support for KSOAP2 on Android

And if not work try to download another jar from any where else. You will often need to access parts of the structure by getting some property as a SoapObject and then e. More specifically ksoap2-androis-full-2.1.2.jar raw input looks like this: I use your code with little changes: