Even though it comprehensive, its scalable design allows the CSA software can be implemented in stages. Komik Sains Kuark is available in 4 different levels: Ideal Gas Law Apparatus. Encouraging parents to prepare the children’s future through education as best as they can be. Thermal Radiation System Apparatus. Providing the fun and educative playing facilities. Happy Chinese New Year

komik kuark

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Thermal Radiation System Apparatus. The purpose komi those activities are for children to grow to be their true self, who are explorative, curious, dare to try, opens, and fun For more information, click here. Happy Vesak Day BE.

komik kuark

KANDEL, which is located in Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia, provides products and services in improving the education quality of science and mathematics for elementary and junior high in Indonesia.

LeXsolar GmbH is an educational aids producer from Germany which focus is producing educational aids on renewable energy. Encouraging parents to prepare the children’s future through education as best as they can be.

Pudak Scientific – Manufacturer of Educational Teaching Aids & Laboratory Instruments |

Directing the children to explore their own potential and to have dreams related to science and technology. Happy Eid Mubarak H. We can process various materials, ranging from AMS grade stainless steel, hardened stainless steel, alloy steel, common steel, non-ferrous metal, high grade alloy aluminum and technical plastics. Indonesian National Education Day For detail information, click here.


Happy Ramadan H. This is a sophisticated graphical programming language for micro-controller. Citra Sabda Abadi computer CSA is a provider of computer solution and information technology, especially in the field of management information system.

komik kuark

Sinceit has developed award-winning products portfolio which is applicable to educational world, industry, and household. For further Informationclick here. The main purpose of this company is to bring students and common people closer to the renewable energy, thus they will have more interest and better understanding about the renewable energy. Flowcode, the product that achieved the Worlddidac Awaardis widely used in educational fields as well as in industrial fields.

With its various simplicity, those who has a little experience will capable to develop electronic system, even the complex ones.

Returning children to their world, kuuark is the playing world, indoor as well as outdoor with nature joyfully. Muzi Marpaung, is a place where children can come to play, ask about nature, tell stories about their dreams, and do simple science experiments.


Komik Sains Kuark #3

Copyright Notice Privacy Policy Disclaimer. For more information, click here. Cihampelas 42 Bandung Telp: We can work on component’s tolerance up to 5 microns.

komik kuark

Matrix is a leading company based on global technology which is headquartered in Halifax, England. Pudak Precision Part Machining is experienced in providing the consumer’s needs in manufacturing precision components in accordance with the international standard. The main products include Flowcode. Providing the fun and educative playing facilities. Children can do scientific and technical experiments with plastic straw, used drinking glasses, or bicycle inner tubes.

Ideal Gas Law Apparatus. For further information please contact to: If you want to become partner of Pudak, please click here. The Komik Sains Kuark published by this company appears as a mean to help children learning and knowing science in an easy and fun way.

CSA products, CSA software, are unique softwares with typical architecture to fulfill the middle-class companies overall needs.