The significance is that those who chant it or those who listen to it will find that all the evils eventually turn to good. Five Dangerous Misconceptions Of Life. The meaning of the word requires careful interpretation. But Sambandhar smiled and sang the Kolaru Pathigam. This hymn is particularly useful for those suffering from eye ailments. The Powerful Kolaru Pathigam:

kolaru pathigam sirkali govindarajan

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The Legend of Mangadu Kamakshi Amman. Five Dangerous Misconceptions Of Life. Sign In to earn Badges. ARU in Tamil means that which cuts, shreds, blows into smithereens.

Surya Namaskar is considered a vital part of yoga to free your mind pahtigam anxieties and tension and lose your flab. The Powerful Kolaru Pathigam: Naresh Pattabhi, a student who had failed in his Class XII exams was so depressed that he thought of committing suicide.

The Magic of Hanuman Chalisa.

The Queen of the Pandya country sent an emissary to them saying that the King had become a Jain under the influence of Jain monks.

The immortal legend – Sri Kanchi Mahaperiyaval has always spoken about the importance of praying to the Navagrahas. She flew by air.


kolaru pathigam sirkali govindarajan

Recently she was supposed to travel by the Volvo bus in Karnataka. It is also useful to win over your enemies.

Mr V Chandrasekaran of Mulund, Mumbai says that during the early 60’s when India and China were at war, the Kanchi Mahaperiyaval had strongly recommended chanting of the Kolaru Pathigam. He became a child saint and was completely devoted to Lord Neelkanta Siva.

kolaru pathigam sirkali govindarajan

A resident of Tiruvanmiyur in Chennai, Naresh’s father started reciting the Kolaru Pathigam religiously. The last line of every verse contains this pledge and assurance.

Kolaru Pathigam By Sirkali Govindarajan Free Mp3 Download 320 kbps

For a devotee of Lord Neelakanta Siva who has Parvathi as his other half, chanting or listening to the hymn will convert all the evil into ssirkali. Sambandhar met Appar Thirunavukkuarasar in a place called Vedaranyam.

kolaru pathigam sirkali govindarajan

The Gayatri Mantra talks about the Sun. Interestingly, the hymn has references to Ravana. This hymn, says Dr Jayabharathi, is not govindarajn good for removing the ill effects of planets and stars. Follow your gut instinct”. Our Hindu mythology says that the earth is round and all the grahas or planets revolve around the Sun.

She had a gynaecological problem which got cured sooner than she had imagined. Lord Ram recited the “Aditya Hridaya” stotram when he wanted to decimate the evil demon king Ravana.


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Jan 29, This hymn is particularly useful for those suffering from eye ailments. The Aditya Hridaya stotram sings praises about the Sun God. My strong recommendation is that pick up one shloka and diligently stick to it. Readers are requested to govindaraajn to the Kolaru Pathigam sung by Seerkazhi Govindarajan.

What it actually means is that destruction of the evil effects of planets. Our ancestors had the foresight in recommending to us the powers of planets that can be invoked by prayers.

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She was upset and dejected. In Tamil, KOL means planets as well as evil. Mrs Rajam Chandramouleeswaran says, ” People often get confused with the number of shlokas, hymns that are available in our culture.