MP3 Milton – Re Dumriye. MP3 Milton – Senakeli Bimakadi. MP3 Sinidu Sudu Mudu. MP3 18athu gal viharaye. Since I was not a registered artiste, it was rejected. MP3 Milton – Yali hamuwannai. MP3 Mihiriye Gemi Lande.

karunarathna divulgane sepalika mp3

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Jayatilleke Bandara and Senanayake Weralliyadde joined us about six years later.

Paya Nagii Ewi Ran Tharaka (Sepalika) – Karunarathna Divulgane

Today there are hundreds of singers and the market is flooded with their cassettes and CDs. As a young boy, Karunaratne Divulgane had been attracted to leftist ideas and he says that politics played an important role in his life, both the personal and the professional. Rambukana Siddhartha, a renowned lyricist and a great fan of their talents. MP3 07 – Track. Divulhane Milton – Bambaru bamanna.

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MP3 Sanda Tharu Nihandai. Please spend seconds of your valuable time for appreciating and motivating if you find this karunarathha. MP3 Milton – Me Katha.


MP3 11 – Track. He was born in a village close to mine. Kapuge composed the music. I was popular among our listeners, but I wanted people from all parts of the country to listen to my songs. MP3 Milton – Senakeli Bimakadi. MP3 Oba Mata Kumakei.


Mage duwe oba – Karunarathna diwelgane Rajitha Jayamini Withanachchi. MP3 09 – Track. MP3 05 – Track. Rajaratne was in fact much better than I. MP3 08 – Track.

Paya Nagi Ewi Ran Tharaka (Sepalika) – Karunarathna Divulgane

MP3 Milton – Wikasitha Pathuman. MP3 payaa nagii eavi.

Just to mention that I did not have a divuglane at the time I recorded this. MP3 Milton – Lan wee. MP3 Yamin Banda Wilangula.

karunarathna divulgane sepalika mp3

Sepalika – Karunarathna Diwulgane. MP3 Sinidu Sudu Mudu. We got to sing some extremely beautiful melodies. Wijemanne had liked it immensely and had said, “we can cut some records in Colombo”. It was a roaring success and we were inundated with invitations to perform.


It was indeed an extraordinary day for the young artiste. His first “break” came in when he was hired by the Rajarata Sevaya.

karunarathna divulgane sepalika mp3

Apart from Kapuge, Divulgane has benefitted from the expertise of top class composers such as Rohana Weerasinge, H. We created this video with love as a tribute to the original artists.