Big shout outs to Kilimanjaro records!!!. Text and Waveform Progress Color: Click the Play button to hear a sample of this audio file. Poison — Hey Girl We get tons of music from artists all over Africa and sometimes it makes difficult to post some tracks without some necessary info, like a small bio, a picture and a clearly labelled mp3. Text and Waveform Progress Color:.

kalibrados melaco mp3

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Yini Ngawe

Everything should work stable now. We have featured Radio and Weasel on the site before and you can check out this link for the previous posts.

kalibrados melaco mp3

Unfortunately from the entire group I have only heard and featured worked from Cassim featured as Kassim on our blog — Usiende Kwa Mganga.

We get tons of music from artists all over Africa and sometimes it makes difficult to post some tracks without some necessary info, like a small bio, a picture and a clearly labelled mp3.

Probably not as big as MAKEMENDE but I think you can rest assured that by next week this will have a couple of thousand views especially after exposing it to our 30, users plus and counting lol. Owongo mbaya umeniwahi ten nil na hii ngoma.

kalibrados melaco mp3

I am really feeling me,aco dancehall — reggae — upbeat patois Uganda — or Luganda uptake on music. Aug 18, Categories: They are currently on tour in the US. One thing we always treasure is showcasing artists that have passion for thier music and going above and beyond to push and market thier music without comprising on quality.


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This cat came on TV the first day and straight up claimed he was from Kenya regardless of his history and his residency. Text and Waveform Progress Color:. The file can be downloaded at any time and as often as melaci need it. I believe I have one from Dafari From Kenya and will post later on today.

Aug 23, Categories: Play and Full Waveform Color:. I recently heard this Wyre song a remake of sina makosa by Les Wanyika a few things came to mind as I. The video captures every little aspect of being an Oboho or growing up in Eastlands its almost a little too perfect. Record companies have now caught up to the trend and will purposely release instrumentals with just one verse and chorus for other artists to jump on.

KalibrradoskapukaTodays Hit Tags: Big ups to the whole P-unit, Habo, Eric Musyoka team.

Kalibrados-Tem Melaço HD Video Download and Watch Online

We have featured some of his tracks including MahooksJulietta and Naresince he really sets the bar in terms of good quality music, being relevant in todays music scenes and till today remains one of the few artists consitently getting shows in the US, which speaks volumes on his kalibradod and hustle. Benefits of using Zippyshare: Another video from Cartel. Watch the Take it Video here: I will spare him the accolades today and the history.


kalibrados melaco mp3

Grip Boyz — Hold Ya Audio clip: Sep 17, Discuss. This track is not necessarily new its about 2 months old but I suspect it will be a huge banger in East Africa in the next few months. Main Features GetMziki Faceoff: Kidum feat Lady Jay Dee — Nitafanya We posted this song in May of this year, and the song has been doing great number sin the radio and clubs.

We offer fast download speeds. Kenyan super talented singer and songwriter Chris Kaiga comes through with another gengetone song ti. Zippyuploader update, Docs and Videos encoding performance boost 03 Dec We are very picky and specific on artists, products, services and in most cases events. I grew up in Eastlands for majority part of my kalibradoe, I experienced the whole Oboho phenomenon although I never considered myself one.