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I’ve mine set to center and it appears to use the alarm window preference.

Installlion: How To Install kalarm on xenial

This allows, for example, sharing alarm calendars between laptops and desktop computers. There is a difference in the ability to schedule repetitions – KAlarm can do things like every 1st Monday of the month, but cron can probably handle more complex timed repetitions than KAlarm.

Aside from control through the graphical interface KAlarm can also be operated using kalarn command line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Bug reports and suggestions for improvement are welcome. System Tags app software. KCron can schedule commands to execute while you are logged off, while KAlarm requires you to be logged in when an alarm is triggered.

Languages supported to a lesser extent are: Cron also doesn’t have reminder, cancel-if-late, etc. Among its options, it allows you to choose the message font and color, whether to display an advance reminder, whether to speak the message or play a sound when it is displayed, whether to cancel the alarm if it can’t be triggered on time e.


When configuring an alarm, you can: The English documentation is complete, but in some other languages it may not be fully complete up to date. STurtle 9 years ago KAlarm’s tooltip showing the upcoming alarms is very useful to me. This release adds a new option to execute a pre-alarm action before deferred alarms trigger, and new options to auto-hide the system tray icon when no alarms are due.

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It is possible to use multiple alarm calendars, which for example enables you to share alarms between a laptop and desktop computer. For KDE 4, it has been completely or nearly completely translated into: For more details about this problem, look at the end of config. Do you really want to report this comment?

If so, would you prefer it to be a global option for KAlarm applying to all alarms, or should it be selectable for individual alarms? KDE Priority handler – Utilities last update date: You can optionally use multiple alarm calendars, or share calendars. Alarms can be constrained to occur only within working hours. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. For general discussion and user questions, go to the KAlarm forum. It includes a new Catalan translation of the handbook.


KAlarm supports the scheduling of multiple alarm times and alarm dates. Documentation Documentation is available in a number of languages. See ‘man cron’ and ‘man 5 crontab’. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Set a reminder to be displayed in advance of the main alarm time s. KCron can only invoke external commands – it doesn’t have KAlarm’s built-in message display, sound playing or email transmission and KAlarm can also execute external commands.

An alarm can only be triggered while you are logged in and running a graphical environment. It requires some KDE Frameworks 5 and other modules to kalqrm installed, so should be installed via your distribution’s packaging system.