Easy to install and use, Accordion Gallery is a responsive gallery which has many features and options. CMS module which displays tree of Phoca Cart categories in module position. Phoca Photo Content Plugin is a Joomla! Import the images authors Fixed: To display images in article quickly and easily. With help of this component you can include fonts from Google Fonts directory. This extension does NOT implement the Joomla!

joomla phoca gallery deutsch

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joomla phoca gallery deutsch

Just joomla this plugin and paste the html with css classes to your article or other Joomla! You can upload and select your own.

Phoca Gallery add-on

Phoca Maps Plugin is a Joomla! Phoca Emails is newsletter component.

Phoca Font Component is a Joomla! Phoca Guestbook By Jan Pavelka. Flags are then displayed per CSS GPLv2 or later Type: CSS Gallery is an easy to configure plugin which enables you to display a gallery with thumbnails in a content item.

Phoca Gallery add-on – FG Joomla to WordPress – Frédéric

Phoca Upgrade System plugin is Joomla! TemPlaza is so pleased to announce that Jollyany 3. I will have some cleanup work to do but that’s mostly because I was sloppy with phocq original website. Scripts play an important role in web design. Phoca Maps By Jan Pavelka. In this post, I would like to give you some best free css hover effects which can help your site become more attractive and useful.


CMS module which displays searching form – to search Phoca Cart products. CMS module which displays slideshow of Phoca Gallery images in module positon. It is a base for creating advanced component which will have the following features: He is a true pro. Basic importer worked well but I bought the Premium and Deursch upgrades and they both worked well too.

10 Best Photo Gallery Extensions for Joomla!

Good Joomla Gallery Extension Functionality: It is possible to understand basic functions in a few minutes, but to understand the more complex parts you should read the documentation. CMS component – it displays panoramic images or interactive virtual tours e.

joomla phoca gallery deutsch

This plugin adds the option to run view events in Phoca Cart I would recommend it to anybody, it worthy your money. Lightboxes, slideshows, shadowbox effects and many other wonderful options are also available.

I ceutsch to migrate content from a Joomla 1. Smart Search Finder feature Only the first image of each gallery was imported if the images are stored externally Tested with WordPress 4.


A very good extension Functionality: Jan is aware, but until he updates it, I cannot use it. Phoca Cart component must be installed to run this plugin.

Phoca Gallery, by Jan Pavelka – Joomla Extension Directory

Phoca GAE is a Joomla! My 5 stars go to the man behind the plugin.

joomla phoca gallery deutsch

CMS module which displays panoramic image in module position. You can change the favicon of your site whenever you like. Thank you very much for having accompanied with us.