You obviously are not downloading Jnes from the official website this website. Aida 61 when i try to go on kaillera it tells me that no rom was found on the ‘netplay’ folder but there is no netplay folder PhantomGiz 41 Posted on June 22nd What am I doing wrong?!?! Also of note is the Jnes 0.

jnes 1.0 1

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Sky 50 Jnes is a good software reply.

jnes 1.0 1

Yoshistar95 68 Allow more than 8 sprites on a scanline would be nice to have, FCEUX got it and there’s no flicker when activated. Compatibility tends to focus on North American and European games, although there is support for many popular Japanese games. Figuring out how to move forward from here was a tricky puzzle others have experienced.

The first decision to make was deprecating support finally for Gingerbread 2. Jim 14 “I may have mistyped this either in the doc or the code I’m not sure, try -disablestatekeys it seems to work here but I can’t check at the moment. There is many more suprises in store for the next version, till next time! Jabo 95 I’ve been trying to get an update out to fix the fullscreen issue.

Is there a way to fix this? SInister 27 I have a question about updating to Jnes Version 1. If system specs would help, I can post those. Me such thing interests – you could not make small correction – at opening of games roms it is possible to choose system PAL 50 FPSand at opening of files NSF this function does not work. I need to exit fullscreen mode every time I want to save game. I thought I would add them up here for people to enjoy, if you have any you would like to see up here just reply to this post with a url to a site I can download it.


LunarKitsune 16 okay.

JNES Emulator for NES on Windows | Emuparadise

While Jnes has a proud tradition of playing most games, there are some subtle hardware behaviors that Jnes was not able to emulate correctly. Jnes for Android 1.

jnes 1.0 1

I don’t think it gets any harder after loops due to NES limits, but I can’t manipulate the difficulty system by Cheat Engine The Android version has been quite an interesting 1.0, the feedback and help from everyone has been great, I’m truly impressed with the Android community.

Anything I can change in the config file?

jnes 1.0 1

Ro 78 problems to run games like street fighter IImarble madnes Iconoclast 29 In cases like these, it is definitely possible to revise either Jnes or WINE to affect like issues. Farslayer 64 I’m not sure if the emulator is to blame or not, but Roas doesn’t seem to be able to teleport using the portraits.

I’d like to add a Gradius save state in which you start at loop 4 or 5 recently made it until loop 4 stage 1 NO MISS just behind my best ever streak. With the sound off, knes runs just fine. It works even better than the original system! Yoshistar95 42 Jens cool, I’m 7 days after you No problems encountered so far, still playing the same games though You should only download Jnes jnds the official website, which is this site. Jabo 73 Mr Gimmick has a lot of graphical glitches.


Yoshistar95 15 I miss the Dutch language in this version. I can’t access anything in Jnes such as toolbars, because Jnes never actually appears as a window on my screen, no matter what I do.

After contacting Google several times this week, I have received a response indicating that they have declined to put the application back into the store 1.00 to perceived copyright infringement.

Jnes 1.0.1 released

Please pass some joy forward to others, especially at this time of year. Do you have to uninstall the previous version first?

If you haven’t noticed Project64 has awaken again so I might dabble in jnds a tad, always something to be done eh.