It can be problematic for a number of reasons, the essentials of which, Dave described above. The only remaining issue is that I still get no output. Romaine Carter Romaine Carter 10 10 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. Sorry for all the beginner questions but I’m trying to get this working so I can turn in the class homework. It states where to put files, etc.

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Please login or register. You guys are making the rest of us look like slackers and nimrods!!! One of them said the library not correct library file. This is frustrating for me as I’ll likely have to drop the class since I won’t be able to turn in the homework. You then got only one left, the one between your ears.

Sign up using Email and Password. It does not build for me. When you do that, without thinking about what those include files specify, you will multiply define numerous standard Windows symbols and Win32 API function, producing a long list of confusing errors.


You could post your solution and mark it as the answer. Just love hutch’s masm32 packageI can’t see my self using any thing else now Hi Mikl irvine32.onc, Here it is corrected also above: I’m seeing the following errors when assembling: No, it doesn’t say download.

But I have tried several versions of the lib from the author websiteas well as a couple of versions of Microsoft R Macro Assembler Version 6. Sign up using Facebook. The single biggest problem for beginners is using include files from both Irvine and the MASM32 project in their programs.

The last one I tried, the error output is too long to put here, but it is mainly cased from within the library itself, and not the asm program or the way you link it. Home Help Search Register.

Just search the campus forum using Dave’s “dedndave” handle and an asterisk for the subject, and you’ll get all of Dave’s greatest hits.

And, the MASM32 library and the source code examples provided have similar procedures and macros, so there is definitely some overlap.


nasm + irvineinc

My code file name is test. Thanks for the suggestions. August 23, Within limits it is possible to combine the two. The only remaining issue is that I still get no output.

Please login or register. Thanks for the code snippet Dave.

Can I ask where the ‘inkey’ macro is located? Post as a guest Name.

The Assemble and Link worked fine after adding: One way would be to call WaitMsg before you exit. You should also check your linker settings, and make sure the paths to Irvine32 libraries are included in the additional library dependencies property.

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I want to test some examples in the book. I run into example from time to time that use “irvine It includes only the KeyEvent member but it should be workable. Hmya, there’s a point where downloading tools or hoping for the all-in-one magic solution stops solving problems.