NoClassDefFoundError exception has occurred. Posted by khremeviuc on May 03, How can i help to update this page?. Posted by mika on Apr 06, Posted by wynandf on Jan 03, De-activating the plugins restart required and then re-activating gets them to work at least until you close Netbeans.

ireport 5.5.1

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Try to dowload it from SourceForge: Posted by gadgepankaj on Aug 13, 5.5.1 doesn’t have crosstab or sub-report amongst others Can’t see how I can define report groups.

ireport 5.5.1

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Posted by wisem on Dec 14, Posted by tomzi on Jul 17, Sign up using Facebook. Asked 5 years ago. I tried an Xpath query with no namespace info. There’s a few things available in i-Report that I can’t find in the new plugin.

And if you let that file open for a long time and get back to edit something, whole NetBeans crash and you have to start them again. For us, this is a must. Posted by gt78 on Mar 18, I’d also like to know if anybody has tried dynamic generation of reports through swing or similar application by passing some parameters.


I’ve loaded an existing grouped report and the outline shows the groups. Can you help me?

iReport – NetBeans Plugin detail

Just install ireport and then create any visual jsf page. But I received the error message as below.

ireport 5.5.1

I am not able to download jaspar ireport from netbeans Please help me. The designer never shows up.

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I’ll consider to release a new version later the next week just to fix these pronlems with NB 6. Posted by satory on Sep 30, I had installed jasperreport server in centos and when i put.

Ierport I am having problems with iReport 5. How do we handle problem users? Posted by ish on May 04, Also just downloaded and installed iReport for NB. Posted by yasantha on Aug 21, It close my dissertation writing service and all other Java application.

How to install ireport designer in Centos – Stack Overflow

What should I do? Posted by link on Jun 05, Is this a known limitation or might I have configured something inappropriately?


ireport 5.5.1

Posted by ghartmann on Mar 08, ireportt If anyone else has used this plugin plz help others by providing small tutorial. Posted by Kiwisek on May 16, Improving the question-asking experience. You need to unzip the file and install the nbm files one by one.