Volume may be in a confused state An operation has failed. In the next window a summary of the operation to be carried out is displayed. Provide proper mode value. Select the mode of operation, either to import a tape or to export a tape. Failed to erase history An attempt to erase history in the tape in order to roll back to some specific point has failed.

hp ltfs configuration

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Downloading LTFS Tools for a Windows system

Refer to the documentation that comes with your hardware for support options for hardware. Intended usage HP StoreOpen Automation presents the contents of tapes in a library as a file system volume. This adds a further level of detail to log file entries.

The default location is C: The following diagram illustrates a simplified information flow when xonfiguration a file system command to an LTFS device. File size is shorter than extent list Check libxml2 installation. Smart Copy generates hash values for each source file, and compares it with the hash generated for the file on tape. Failed backend reopen call Ltfz the device. If there were failures, it provides the list of files that failed the verification. HP StoreOpen Standalone v3.


LTFS Downloads (LTO-5/6)

Make sure the write-protected latch is not set, and connfiguration that the library is not mounted as read-only. You can change the time interval to every minute. If the media to be exported is in cobfiguration tape drive, first execute a file system operation with another tape, which will cause the media in the drive to be unloaded.

This is not normally necessary but may be required for example if the drive was powered off without cleanly unmounting the volume. Unknown partition ID Run ltfsck. To reduce risk of data inconsistency or loss, always wait at least 5 minutes after unmounting the library device before power cycling or resetting the library.

hp ltfs configuration

In most cases it is recommended that you continue to use your configurxtion backup application. Mapping a tape drive to a drive letter 21 4. The check or rollback operation starts. Index updates Accessing data stored on tape relies on an up-to-date index being available. From the output, get the tape library robotic device The library will start to identify each piece of media in the library, or partition, by moving it to a drive, and caching the LTFS index, if the tape is formatted for LTFS.


If it is not, format the tape.

hp ltfs configuration

Running the ltfsxattr utility with no parameters gives the usage information. Compression must be ‘true’ 1 or ‘false’ 0 Check libxml2 installation. HP StoreOpen Automation extends these benefits with: Each name element shall specify a file name pattern.

Location[;Barcodeā€¦ ]] Example command line: So commands such as the following will return an error, as unsupported. A deep recovery operation is required.

hp ltfs configuration

You may specify an individual tape’s barcode, using -s. However, it is recommended that you leave these at their default settings for all normal usage.

HP StoreOpen Automation User Guide

The application will keep the ten most recent logs and automatically delete any older logs. Export one or configuation tapes from the library. Open the Windows Control Panel and select Uninstall a program. On the next screen you can enable or disable data compression and also give a volume name to the cartridge. Volume may be in a confused state An operation has failed.